Saturday, January 25, 2014


Life is crazy right now. Reason #1 why I have not blogged in forever. 
I am really glad I've done her monthly posts because I know I'd forget so much. 
Lilly Belle is currently sleeping and we are packing up our apartment.
Well...Matt is packing now while I take a break because I packed all morning and it's 1pm. 

Forgot how exhausting packing can be!

So much change is going on right now that it's a bit overwhelming.

-We are moving out of our apartment and will be staying with Matt's parents for a bit while we transition. Our next move will be back to the apartments we used to live in. The one we are currently in has been our home now for 3 years but is an older apartment. Crazies are raising the rent and not really fixing things so it's just time to move on. We are super sad but really excited all at the same time. 

-I am closing down my studio. We will still continue Emerald City Dance through our Parks & Recreation department as well as through 3 of our preschools. It has already been a blessing for our family and a big weight off of me. So much more time to focus on Matt & Lilly Belle! That's so what I needed right now. As of the first week of March, I will only work Monday - Wednesday! 

-Matt got a job offer on Friday (yippee!!!) and will begin on February 24th with his position with Princess Cruise Line. I am so proud of him but LB and I are really going to miss having him around all the time. (Especially LB!) From the time Matt got the call in the am until around 4pm, LB cried and screamed all day long - no seriously - none stop. We joked it was because she was losing her stay at home daddy. (Most likely it was teething & constipation lol). 

-Lilly & I started a music class together on Tuesdays and it is now the highlight of our week! 

We are looking forward to those new beginnings as a family.
We are trying really hard to soak up "daddy time" right now.

Life is about to become completely different, but it is all on our path to our goals.

No pictures for now, those will all come in about a week when our sweet Lilly girl turns 6 months old. Ah!


  1. Chelsea, I will be thinking of you during all this change. Change is so hard, but it sounds like things are moving in the right direction--congratulations to Matt on his new job! Also, I am glad that you have been able to make changes with the business that mean less stress and more baby time-that sounds like the perfect combination! Can't wait to catch up is person!

    1. Hey Casie, just saw this :) I was just thinking about you! We have to get together soon!

  2. Lots of changes! Is Matt going to be working in their downtown office? They're our downstairs neighbors!

    1. So cool that you guys will be working so close! :)