Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lilly's First Christmas

Lilly had a wonderful 1st Christmas.
We stayed at our house Christmas Eve so we could spend Christmas morning under our tree. Lilly was on the nice list this year and Santa brought lots of did Pluto, Mickey/Minnie and Cogsy ;) We had fun shopping for our sweet girl. We started very early to spread it out a bit. We do not really have toys for her yet, so it was fun to get some things we think she might enjoy in the next few months. 

We took turns opening her gifts and videotaped the whole thing. 

Lilly Belle got bath toys, a few tethers, a Poppity Pop Dino, Lion Walker, some block puzzles from Begin Again Toys, her first Bible and a few more cute books.

I'd say it was the perfect First Christmas together. I cannot wait for  next year when she really understands what is happening. She is going to love the magic of it all :) 

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  1. She is the cutest! SO happy for you guys and your new beginnings happening soon (just read your new post)!!