Thursday, February 28, 2013

16 Weeks!

How Far Along? 16 Weeks

How Big is Baby?  Our ultrasound says 6" from head to rump. 

Total Weight Gain: Our scale says 16 lbs, but at the hospital my total weight gain is just 9 lbs. Hmm??

Maternity Clothes? Shirts are like half/half. None of my bras fit me anymore. I also had to put about half of my dance clothes away yesterday :(

Stretch Marks? Nope, not yet.

Sleep: Horrible still. I'd say it's worse. Wake up almost every night around 2-3am and then am up until 6am and then sleep again until 8:30am. Sounds like we already have the baby here huh? Last night was amazing though, slept from 10:00pm to 8:00am and didn't wake up once. *best. thing. ever!*

Best Moment this Week: Our appointment and seeing our sweet little bean!

Miss Anything: Matt ate a bunch of deli meat in front of me this week and I was so jealous. He made it on fancy bread all toasted and cheesy :( 

Movement: I can finally answer yes to this one! I feel lots of little bubbles. Two nights ago, while I was up in the middle of the night, around 5am Matt came out, too. We were just chillin' on the couch watching tv when all of a sudden, bubble attack! From the outside too! I grabbed Matt's hand and we were both laughing so hard, too funny! Lori said I'd be able to feel on the outside sooner than normal because I started out pretty teeny. 

Food Cravings: Nothing really this week. Just wanting food I can't have still, deli meat...tuna.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really queasy, but I did puke for the first time. All from gagging while brushing my teeth. I finished eating my breakfast like 30 seconds before...probably had something to do with it. Really wasn't fun though. Puking is one of my biggest fears, so there were some tears. Matt rubbed my back the whole time. I think I just had a lot of nerves too because it was right as we were leaving for our appointment and I knew there was a chance of finding out the gender.

Gender: We know but we're not telling until our 20 week anatomy scan on April 1st so we're 100% sure! Our midwife told us if she were to bet, she'd bet it's a................ She also said, "I have been doing this for quite a while.." ; ) We're very excited. 

Symptoms:  I just have some round ligament pain and trouble sleeping. Other than that, I feel great. Just really tired. This week it's more than before I feel like.  

Looking Forward to: My parents ordered our crib and it will be here in about a week. I can't wait to see it in the nursery! I've also ordered a bajillion things from Zulily and Carter's and can't wait for that all to arrive! Especially my sleep pillow :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fun Hubby Wifey Quiz

I saw this on a blog tonight and thought it looked like fun. I typed what Matt said word for word.

1. How long have you been married?
C: Almost a year and a half.
M: Uhh..year and a half. 

2. Where was your first date?
C: Mini golf at Winter Summerland (WDW) followed by Ghirardelli and then "Top Gun" at my house. 
M: It was Winter Summerland and Ghiradelli.

3. Where was your first kiss?
C: At my house on the couch. 
M: At Elliot's House.                  

**He got it right, I lived with Elliot**

4. Who first said, "I love you"?
C: Me. 
M: I did. 

5. What were your wedding colors?
C: Yellow, Pink & White.
M: Yellow.

6. What is her most commonly used phrase?
C: "I love you."
M: .............{lots of thinking}...............{about a minute now}..........I don't know, you do like.....I don't know. {Making a face like he's scared now}...Um..."Stop it, you're not funny!" ..then I asked him if that was his answer and he said, "yeah."

7. Who is her celebrity crush?
C: Rob Dyrdek. 
M: F*** {like it's a hard ?}.... Ummmm ... Ryan Gosling. {Then I reminded him of Rob and his response was another "F***! as he remembered.} lol.  

8. If she was ordering drinks for both of you what would you each get?
C: Iced Tea and a Coco-Cola.
M: I don't like this game. It depends on what restaurant. Like what to do you mean drinks. Like Starbucks? We never drink with each other. {Me: just a restaurant}. Like what would we order? You'd order an Iced Tea, and I'd order a Coke. 

9. What is the best meal she has ever cooked you?
C: Homemade Orange Chicken & Rice. 
M: *chuckles*...Um, the orange chicken. 

10. What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you?
C: Eek. I've made quite a few...he cooks in our house. 
M: The cauliflower...wait I made that... Obviously you're blogging about this, do you want it to be funny? OH! Wait! Stuffed shells...stuffed SHells!!! Just anything stuffed.  

11. What is the most-played song on her iPod?
C: Anything Jason Mraz or "Shake Your Sillies Out" if we're being technical. 
M: The song by Jason Mraz. That voicemail song.  

12. What would she say is your most annoying habit?
C: Not rinsing dishes before loading the dishwasher.  
M: Is this going on the blog? Oh c'mon! Stop typing. I'm not answering. {Then I told him what I wrote and he said, oh yeah...that's pretty good.}

13. What is the last thing she does before she goes to bed?
C: Checks Facebook. 
M: Wash your face. 

14. What would you say is your favorite thing about her?
C: That I'm driven. 
M: How driven you are. 

15. What's her go-to drink at Starbucks?
C: Grande Chai Tea Latte 
M: Chai. 

16. What's her blog's name?
C: Feels Like Home.
M: Feels Like Home.

16 Week Appointment

Our appointment yesterday went great.
We got our 3rd ultrasound which is so lucky and our sweet little bean is cuter than ever.
I will admit...currently, I will be the first one to say that currently via ultrasound, baby's face is actually quite scary (alien looking) but baby finally gave us a view of it's profile and our bean has the best little button nose. Typing this is difficult because our midwife (and I because I'm awesome at looking at ultrasounds) are both 90% sure of baby's gender. We aren't going to officially announce it until April 1st when we have our anatomy scan scheduled. Our parents are the only ones who know and they were all excited to find out. So yesterday, when I wasn't teaching, Matt and I were browsing, & Etsy looking at gender specific items. We didn't make any purchases just yet, but our carts are ready. I did add more items, boy & girl to our registry to throw people off :) Matt and I have been talking about the baby using the gender we are so certain of and that's been fun. Feels way more real for me now, too. Baby's heartbeat was nice and strong again, this time at 148 instead of 147. So about the same. Baby likes to pose for the camera (which is great for this picture obsessed mama). During the ultrasound I kept saying, "Eek, I know it's our baby, but the face is so crazy, turn...turn baby!" because it was staring straight at us about 50% of the time. We saw it do a huge kick, practically a jump with both legs and stretch all out and our baby is long! Measured, from head to rump, baby is about 9 inches long. Now add the legs. Our midwife made a comment that they were long, maybe tall like Matt and my brother? We were in there for almost an hour just looking at our bean. 

Exciting thing is that I have been feeling our baby and just didn't realize that's what I was feeling. So that means, for about 2 weeks now I have been feeling little movements. To me, it feels like bubbles popping. I was also excited that Lori told me I can take Benadryl (sp?) to help me sleep. I won't take it every night, but for sure a few times a week. For example...I'm typing this at 3am because we went to bed at 10:30 and I'm already up, just wide awake. Hard.

My parents bought us our crib yesterday and it should be here around March 8th. We are very appreciative for this gift from them and I know it made my mom very happy to be able to buy it for us. Matt said as long as I'm done with the rug, he will put the crib together right away. 

 This profile picture just melts me. I've been staring at it all day long, it's neat...especially knowing who they are now. The picture in our head of what life will be like is a little more clear now and that's very exciting. We know whether we will have trucks and trains or pink and bows filling our home and it's fun to think about the things we want to teach our bean. We do not have any dreams or goals for our child and my goal in life is to not ever have specific dreams or goals for our little one because those are for them to decide. The one thing we do want though, is for our sweet little nugget to be happy...wherever they are and whatever they're doing. We will do whatever we can to help them get there in life. We are so in love.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Kick Butt Day!

Do you ever have those days where you just feel pumped to be alive?
A day where you just rock it out?!

This is my day.
Woke up around 9am and had a great nights sleep--finally!
Hung out in bed for a bit with Matt just playing our new game which is trying to figure out which part of my tummy is the hardest and then determining that it must be their head! (Love this game).
Then I ate a funfetti cupcake that was delicious with chocolate frosting.

Then hoped in the shower and it happened.
The time when my day could have gone terribly wrong!
I got a phone call at 10:15am that there was no instructor at one of our locations. We had a girl subbing today for another instructor and just my luck on my first day working after 9 days off...she didn't show up. I called her first (all of this happening while I'm wrapped in a towel with another on my head) answer. Called the location back and they let me know there were 6 families there waiting. I let them know that I apologize but was unable to get ahold of our instructor.

Being awesome and proactive, I asked for the numbers for our 11am class so they wouldn't show up with no teacher as well. Called all of them (still with a towel on my head). They were all very nice! (towel now fell off my head and I was somewhat dressed). I emailed an apology to the 10am class all while trying to text, email and call that instructor. answers...
I was so super calm.
As bad as it sounds, after being off for 9 days, it felt damn good to have to use my brain! 
Matt and I tag teamed all morning and I just felt like, "Man, sometimes we just seriously rock together." Good problem solvers.

We then realized...oh shit! This same instructor always teaches on Mondays at 4pm. Is she going to be there tonight?? My thoughts went to, "No." So...Matt thought of a genius plan.

We moved my 4pm studio class to 5pm. Moved my 5pm team kids to have the little kids and big kids practice together at 6pm all so I could be at the Community Center to teach at 4pm in case she didn't show up. No classes had to be cancelled, just moved around a bit. 

I splurged and made myself a cup of coffee.
And then, I got another preschool.

So today pretty much rocks.
Oh, and the instructor emailed me...she just made a mistake this morning and will be there tonight and to sub tomorrow while I have my ultrasound. Phew! Life is all good.

I handled the whole day without the baby feeling an ounce of stress...maybe a bit of caffeine...but no stress ; ) 

I love today! It feels so good to be back to work!
Matt's applying to live a bajillion jobs right now too. We're on a roll today!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zulliy Addiction/Deals!

Oh, this is bad...bad, bad, bad. 
I was doing so well not buying things for the baby.
I have been having the worst time sleeping. Every other night I am up for a 3 hour chunk between 2am-6am. While I'm up...I browse Zulily. And then, I go back to sleep and when I wake up I immediately go and buy what I was craving during the night.

I will say, other than these things, I haven't really bought anything for the baby and have only bought 4 maternity shirts, so I'm not doing so bad in general.

I am seriously obsessed with the cuteness I've found and have also discovered the beginnings of a baby shoe addiction...

Here are my finds/purchases this week.

I bought this gown in a size 0-3 months because I love picturing cozying up with them in this while I'm on maternity leave. Boy or girl, I love gray right now for both so much! 

This outfit I purchased in 3-6 months so that they can wear it around Christmas time! So stinkin' cute. It's like a hipster baby meets lumberjack meets little elf, ha. 

Obsessed with this Pink Blush top, I had to have it. The back has a lower back with two pink bows across. Adorable! Perfect for spring. 

I am obviously in need of one of these. This was not a want, but a need. I can't sleep on my tummy anymore because when I do I can feel the baby. The only way I can describe the feeling is to tell Matt that when I lay on my tummy it feels I swallowed a huge rock and it's pushing on my insides. No bueno. I still wake up every morning on my back but know I can only do that for a few more weeks. This bad boy will come in perfect time. At first it made me sad, because clearly cuddling with Matt will be impossible but last night I was so uncomfortable I do remember pushing him off of me in the middle of the night...need. my. space. Sleeping sucks. 

And the shoe addiction begins. Not just any shoes...I am a freak for little baby/kid boat style shoes. Which is fitting because our kid is going to spend so much time on the beach. I'm so so excited to see our little one wearing these.

The red ones unfortunately only came as small as a size toddler 5, so I'll have to wait until they are like 1 or 2 to wear them lol. But, for $6.99...couldn't pass them up. 

And for my favorite find of the week! Tiny Toms for just $18.00! Originally like $34.00. I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl so I can buy more. I got these in a size 2, so they can wear them while they really are an infant, like 3ish months old if they have regular sized feet. 

HOLY CUTENESS!!! I can't even handle it. Good thing I go back to work tomorrow....

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Belly Change (To Remember)

Because this blog is really meant to be a place where Matt, our kids and I can look back on one day, I want to remember a brief moment that we had this morning...Matt, our baby and I.

I woke up at 9:30 to having had an excellent nights sleep. (Rare lately). I stretched for a second and then like always, touched my belly (first thing I always do now by habit and just all the time throughout the day). I was shocked because just overnight, my belly now felt different. It felt hard in the area just under my belly button. I swear I could tell where our baby was resting in there. There was a very specific area of my stomach that was extra hard. 

I quickly called to Matt and he rushed in. I told him to feel but didn't tell him why and he said, "Whoa, it feels hard." It was neat. 

I'm not sure if that means it was the baby, but I am really happy and will be all day, thinking that this morning Matt and I were actually rubbing right on where the baby was! Usually my belly is just equally big all around. There is a definite pop now. I'm really excited about this. 

I'm still in my pajamas as this is the first thing I'm doing this morning, but I wanted to remember that moment.

Little Bean,
Our sweet baby. I cannot wait to feel you moving around in my tummy. Any day now, I should be able to. Every night I try to lay very still to see if I'll be able to know you're there, so far I haven't felt anything. I just can't wait :)..Daddy thought he could feel your heartbeat this morning, but it was mine (I think). It was fun to see him get excited. It will be so awesome when you kick hard enough to feel outside my belly. So, hurry and get strong. We can't wait to feel you in there!! 
Love, Mommy

Friday, February 22, 2013

Mommy Confessions

I have written this post probably 3 times now and end up deleting it each time as I don't know how to say what I'm trying to say without it coming out horribly wrong. I'm trying again, let's see if this one gets posted by the time I'm done writing.

I have wanted to have children for as long as I can remember. I have wanted to be pregnant for as long as I can remember. I have had tons of visions in my head of how I would feel, act, eat, etc. So far, most of them have not come true. One feeling stands strong and that is that I am so excited to be this little bean's mommy. However, being pregnant has been interesting for me. Truly a lesson in so many ways. I love a good life lesson and since moving here to Washington now 4 years ago, I have learned many and learned how to deal with the change along the way. I find new things out about myself everyday and am constantly trying to improve myself. 

So...what I have recently learned about myself is that I like to be fit. I like being skinny. Ok wait, I "liked" being skinny. And not for the reason that I liked how my body looked, but for the way life feels. Dancing has been hard. I have gained 14 lbs in 15 weeks. Most women have only gained around 5 lbs at this point. Yes, I know, I was too skinny to start so my body needed this. I am totally fine with this little baby making me fat. What's been hard about that is what comes with it and with my job. Little things like sitting in a butterfly and putting my nose to my toes don't work so well anymore. I expected this, just not so soon. With being a dancer, comes the fact that I've never (except for a few months of my life when Matt and I started dating and ate ice cream like everyday) weighed 130 lbs. Now, I am 134 lbs (some days 136). I can already see it in my face and my hips. Holy hips. And boobs, which is fun, but not when none of my bras fit and even the ones that do, hurt. 

So, the getting big part of pregnancy, other than my awesome little belly...I just wasn't expecting.
That may sound completely stupid, but I just always had this happy little picture of my head of being a stick with a basketball as a tummy. That's not happening. And slowly, very slowly...I am learning to be okay with that and to just let my body do what it needs to do so that our little one is healthy. 

On the complete opposite end of this, lets talk about healthy eating.
So before we got pregnant I ate SO healthy...the first 8 weeks, I ate SO healthy. And then, once I saw our little bean kicking away around 11 weeks, things went down hill. Seeing our baby moving all around so healthy and well just made me chill out a lot. Maybe a bit too much. I have been off work all week and realized today that for 4 straight days I forgot to take my prenatal vitamin. I felt horrible but, at the same time, know that our baby is okay. I've also been a slacker in the water department. Serious mommy fails I know. BUT, I realize it's bad and am fixing it again. 

I never in a million years thought I would break food rules while pregnant. In the beginning I was a super spaz about it. No soft cheeses, sushi, deli meat! But then....I just got tired of being so so cautious all the time to where I felt so limited. I have had sushi twice (limited to California Rolls, but still). I ate an entire meal last night with one of the three main ingredients being blue cheese (I picked the recipe...Matt wasn't thrilled that I was eating it). I have had two sandwiches from Arby's this pregnancy, one being a huge roast beef sandwich and the other being a hot ham & cheese. Obviously, I think about it enough that I remember I did it and feel somewhat guilty, but at the same made me happy in the moment and that is so important right now.

Which brings me to my third confession. Everyone saw this one coming (except for me of course), but I am one moody lady. Everyday around 2-3pm I am not nice or fun to be around (Matt realized recently that I need to eat at this time and then I'm much easier to be around). Anytime I'm tired or hungry, I'm the worst! Evil Chelsea comes out and Matt just puts me to bed as soon as he can, which is a task in itself as the whole time I am saying "Seriously I'm fine! Stop telling me to go to bed!" Because I know these things are true, we made sure to buy lots of snacks this week at the grocery store and also that I am always in bed around 10. Matt has been my superhero this whole time. He reads me so well and always always knows what I need/want well before I do. I usual fight whatever it is that he's trying to get me to do, but once I do it...the world becomes a brighter place...or at least our apartment does :)

I have a really hard time with my body changing. Just in general, in life. I don't like to be drunk. It freaks me out when I'm out of control and I usual end up crying in fear. I've never smoked anything in my life in fear of how it would make me feel out of control. So...this whole, baby taking over my body thing....kind of harder than I thought it would be for me. I thought it would be different because it's our baby and I love them so much. But still, at the end of the day, it's my body, and it's different. And so quickly. Matt and I both agree that this is going to be so much easier for me the 2nd time around because I will know what my body will do. At least to a certain extent (I realize every pregnancy is different). 

So I also eat 4 meals on most days (yes, 4 full meals) and then also snacks. Today that meant cereal for breakfast followed by like 4 "cuties", then lunch followed by a snack of cottage cheese...then a personal pan pizza at Target Pizza Hut...and then a few more oranges....then dinner....and a few more oranges. Seriously...this is a normal day now. I may or may not have been eating my Valentines chocolate all day too.......Eep. No wonder I've gained 14 lbs. I know that you're not supposed to actually eat for two when you're pregnant but I'm always so SO hungry. And if I don't eat, it's not good. Not quite sure what to do about that one.

Anyways...those are my confessions. 
I love being pregnant because I love having our little bean so close and just knowing that they are alive and real! I love watching my belly grow (even if it's not fun watching my love handles grow). I love when Matt talks about the baby and when he kisses my belly. It's seriously the best thing ever! Just a lot to get used to. And I know...this is only the beginning of change! This baby has already changed my life forever. But, I'm so so so excited to be their mommy. I'm even more excited for Matt and I to be parents together!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

15 weeks

How Far Along? 15 weeks! Holy cow! That just seems really far. I love it.

How Big is Baby?  An orange

Total Weight Gain: 14 lbs. and I'm noticing you can already see it in my face, yikes.

Maternity Clothes? Shirts are still okay with long tanks under. Stretchy and maternity pants are a must. I'm already annoyed of maternity pants. Uh oh...

Stretch Marks? Nope, not yet.

Sleep: Horrible! I am on an every other night pattern of up and wide awake at 3am unable to fall back asleep and then the next night I am zonked out. It's annoying. 2 nights ago I just could not get comfortable. Matt wouldn't budge and Cogsy was sleeping all curled up to me. I was smashed in between them. I got SO mad finally and put Cogsy to bed. (12:45am). Then 4am...who's up wide awake with a fully revamped business plan, lol...this mama! Matt got up at 6:30 realizing I was gone and had me go back to sleep. Then I slept until 10:30am. It's just a little annoying.  

Best Moment this Week: Painting the nursery and started working on our baby's nursery rug! The room is looking amazing. I can't wait to share it. I am saving it for a bigger reveal. 

Miss Anything: Not having a runny nose and a cough. With my immune system being so low, and teaching preschoolers everyday...makes one sick mama. The second one cold goes away, I have a good week in between before getting a new one. Ick. 

Movement: I keep trying to stay real still at night hoping I will feel something, but still nothing. Matt fell asleep with his hand on my tummy and I couldn't help but think he was hoping for the same thing :) 

Food Cravings: Sour now (Sweet Tart Jelly Beans are delicious and so is Pink Lemonade). Still love tuna, but bring on the sweets! 

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not anymore thank goodness. I got so lucky with not getting sick...well, yet. 

Gender: Wondering if we will find out on Tuesday at our appointment. 

Symptoms:  My cold and horrible sleep (which are probably ruining each other). Other than that I sometimes forget I'm pregnant. I mean, not forget, but I just feel so normal....until it's time to get dressed. ; )

Looking Forward to: Getting excited for our 16 week appointment in just 6 days! I can't believe how fast this is going. That makes me a little sad.

*Fun note about Matt. He's way into this! He thinks about everything that I would have never thought of. I love that about him. Yesterday his big thing was to research was stroller locks. I never knew they made those and would have never thought of that. We will be taking Baby Lanese to Disneyland when they are 2 months old (I'm going for work so baby's trip will be earlier than expected...but so awesome.) and he wants to make sure no one takes our good stroller. He has tons of opinions about everything baby related. It's hard sometimes because I'll make a decision that I thought he could care less about (just little things like small detail stuff) and he actually does indeed care and then I have to change my whole idea. It's a really good thing! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Beautiful Morning

We woke up around 8:30 this morning to some beautiful sunshine! After yummy bowls of cereal, we decided to go for a walk out on the trails by our house. We went out on this walk yesterday, too and it's just been so so nice to get out of the house and on the trail together. Cogsy was loving every second of it, too. I even got out on our patio and spent some time reading today. I just love today. I can't wait for days like this with our a family! 

Looking at these pictures Matt and I keep talking about how it felt like we were in Sunriver today. It was just so so beautiful, I hope we get a lot more sunny days like this soon. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Thinking It's a Boy and Loving Matt.

It's 2:30am and I cannot sleep. I'm up again because my boobs are killing me, actually just one is (tmi?) Remember it's 2:30am. But this is now night #3. Wear a sports bra to bed you say? I basically live in sports bras, the thought of sleeping in one does not sound fun. 

I think right now, I will write all about being pregnant.  
Just the whole entire topic of how I have felt being pregnant so far. That's pretty broad, huh? I'm not exactly sure where to start, but I feel like I need to document this so that one day I can look back. You know, the day after our baby has grown out of his/her newborn clothes and I'm ready to start all over again...(Stick to the plan, Chelsea!). 

First, the good parts...because there are already many of them. 
Good part #1: My sweet husband.
Just last night I was sitting on the couch all leaned back trying to make my stomach roll go away because I now have a roll in the dead center of my stomach. Anytime I slouch, even just a little, the roll appears and hurts. Yes, hurts. Okay, not hurts but just really uncomfortable. Never in my life have I had a roll like this and it's hard to get comfortable sitting on the couch, or really sitting anywhere. I know, I know..."You just wait, aren't you only 14 weeks?" Yes. 14 weeks. Anyways....back to the sweet husband part. So I'm sitting there all annoyed last night...complaining (because I'm the queen of it lately), and what does Matt say....??? He says, "I love your roll. I love your body right now." My response, "How? I don't feel attractive at all, just big!"....His reply, "You are carrying my baby! You walk around all day with my two favorite people in the whole world all wrapped up in one. I love it!" *sigh*---complaining stopped there. 

Okay, just decided against listing each "good" or "bad" thing. I'm just going to write instead.
Do you people get annoyed of how I write as though I'm talking to myself. I am talking to myself.... 

When I woke up tonight from my awesome pains, I remembered my dream. I always remember my dreams lately. They are so vivid and amazing and real. Sometimes terrifying, but sometimes good. Tonight's dream was awesome! I was in a gym. Surrounded by girls I went to high school with. We were all pregnant and all like 20 weeks along. Had to be because we were all sitting in a circle waiting for my midwife, who in my dream was all of our midwife, to read off to us from a card what each of us were having. One of my friends found out she was having twins, then I reassured her that I have twin niece & nephew and it's so cool. Another couple of friends got sad news that they did not gain enough weight and because of that, they were no longer pregnant. (*Note, this was a happy dream and nowhere in there did the girls ever think they lost their babies, just that they were actually never pregnant...I don't know, it was a dream and it was weird). Then a few more found out normal, girl or boy results. was my turn. I of course, was jumping all around and cheering for everyone. When Lori got to my name I was already standing up. Then she said it..."Chelsea, you're having a boy!" Never in my life had I been so excited crying tears of joy like I was in that moment. Then the dream got not fun and I ran to tell Matt and instead of getting excited with me, he just told me to settle down because I was acting too crazy. (Hmm...that does happen often in real life, lol.) Then I got mad at him for not being excited and instead worrying about me being crazy...then woke up. 
BUT, so cool. It was the first time I have had a dream where our baby was a boy or a girl. 

Last night, Matt and I had sat on the couch together (you know, during the stomach roll conversation). No tv, no music, just us talking. We were talking all about the baby and different awesome things that we're excited for. Matt said he's glad we're not the people hoping for a boy or a girl. He's glad that really, we will both be so so happy either way, just wanting a healthy baby. Then, I said it. Out loud. For the first time since being pregnant. I said it all the time before being pregnant but have always felt too bad saying it now that I actually am. So here it is..."I kind of really want a boy." Ok, now wait, everyone knows, including myself, that if the second Lori told us we were having a girl, not a boy, I would also be equally as excited and freaking out and the boy thing would go out the window. BUt...for now, I always think of our baby as a boy. Ok, sometimes here and there I imagine it's a girl, but most of the time...boy. So, Little Bean, if you're grown up and reading this now....sorry if you're a girl. I still really, really love you! 

I just imagine our sweet little boy running all around here in the cutest little pj's ever. Eating breakfast together, going on adventures together looking for awesome things on our walk. Basically everything I imagine will be equally as fun with a girl. I think it's from when I was a nanny and was in love with the two little boys I watched. I loved the girls, too, but spent so much time with the boys, Maclin and Isaiah. They were both in such a fun stage at 1 & 2 and I always said I can't wait until that's my own baby! Also, I have been 100% in love with our boy's name for 4 years now. We picked it on our road trip moving to Seattle. It has never changed. Not once. It's probably the only thing in our whole relationship that I have not changed my mind about. Seriously, never. Our girls name I still go back and forth on loving one day and the next day not liking. (*Note, Matt's obsessed with the girls name that's why we're about 95% sure we'll use it). Anyways, I have always had this very clear picture in my head of what our boy will be named, and also look like. Except sometimes I picture blonde hair and sometimes red hair (we have TONS of red hair on both sides of our family). Would be SO stinkin' cute! Either way, I also picture a mini Matt. Like Matt when he was 2-12. His kid years. Cutest kid ever. I may or may not have told Matt last night that I kind of hope he has to go to speech therapy and talk like Matt did when he was little. Is that a horrible mother to wish your child pronounces their r's like w's??? Matt didn't think that was such a great thing to wish, lol. Matt also did not like me talking to my belly telling the baby to please make sure they pronounce their r's like w's. Ha...I talk to the bump ALL the time. Anyways, I love it when kids talk wrong. I'll have a hard time correcting them. No, I'm serious. Matt will for me, I'm sure :) I also just picture fun things like t-ball, soccer (I want to be a soccer mom minus the mini van), Disneyland being this brave little kid going on all the rides with Matt while mommy makes excuses not to go on Tower of Terror...*sigh* so many fun visions in my head. They're usually all of a boy. Now, if we do find out it's a girl, I'll have a long time to change those day dreams :) 

If you are still reading this...good for you! It's now 2:50am and I feel wide awake (great!). I can hear Cogsy and Matt both snoring away. I have off from work all week and if I don't dance I have a hard time sleeping through the night. It's like I didn't wear myself out enough during the day. 

So, for the most part, I really do like being pregnant. I love the excitement of it all. The waiting part, is of course killing me. But, I am doing my best to soak up every moment as I know being pregnant for the first time is not something that will last forever. Yesterday morning I got a little sad (selfishly). I woke up after Matt. He was already out in the living room watching ESPN just chillin' on the couch trying not to wake me. When I woke up (at 10), I didn't even say good morning or anything, just walked in the living room all sleepy and curled up on the couch next to him. I just soaked up every single second of that cuddle time. I had my back to the tv, so I didn't care what was on. Then after a few minutes Matt asked me what I was doing, lol. I just had a huge WHOA moment of all the things we aren't going to be able to do anymore. Ok, sure we can always cuddle in front of our kids, we should always cuddle in front of our kids, but it will most likely include them on our laps. We also can't just decide to lay down together on the couch for 30 minutes or so in the middle of the day. We'll have our little one to take care of and play with. (Which we'll love by the way). Also, sleeping in your underwear and then walking around in your underwear until 11am isn't something we'll be able to do for like 25 more years...then I'm not sure that I would anyways??  Life is about to change. It's going to hit hard. One day we're going to be all cuddling in the middle of the day on a Sunday and then next day BAM! We have a Baby. Life changed. It's going to be so crazy. And so, so so so sooooo awesome! 

Now I'm all excited, theres no way I can fall asleep. I'm going to go work more on our rug I'm making for the nursery because it's going to take me months to finish! No, but really...

*If you read all the way to here, you rock! Hopefully I didn't bore you :) 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Last Valentine's Day Kid-less

Matt and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day together yesterday (and an awesome sunny day today!)
I loved the whole day yesterday.
I taught my itty bitty dancers in the morning and then came home to find Matt exercising. He started a 9-week program yesterday, I'm so proud of him. We then got ready and went to take my 14 week bump pictures at the barn.

After, I was of course hungry, so we headed to Bellevue to our favorite sushi place, Blue C Sushi. We decided to splurge more than usual and go to town there..well, mostly Matt. I ordered 3 plates of avocado rolls lol...mmmm! I did eat a California Roll too and that made me so so happy!

Then we walked over to the mall for something I have been looking forward to for really, for years! We bought my Vera Bradley diaper bag!!!!! It's beautiful, perfectly functional and my favorite...Vera!

It even comes with a changing pad. :)

After all our mall and lunch fun, I had to go back to work to teach my team kids. They were a little crazy from all the chocolate and candy at school so I decided it would be fun for them to work on learning new hip hop combos and playing games! It was fun.

I came home to my favorite person in the whole world, with lots of my favorite things in the whole world....
Beautiful flowers were on our table, which was set romantically for two. There also happened to be a big red box of See's Candy chocolates on the table! Mmm! I could smell it the second I walked in the door...Matt made my favorite food of all time--- spaghetti with meat sauce, homemade garlic bread & caesar salad! Holy yum! He also bought me a bottle of sparkling pink lemonade because I can't have wine and I've been obsessed---obsessed---with pink lemonade and drink it everyday. He also had my all-time favorite album playing in the background of it all, Jason Mraz "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things." Best. Husband. Ever.

He had one last special thing planned.
I've never been to his hometown, so I've never got to see where he grew up. 
He has a Wii-U now and when he turned it on, the street where he grew up was up on the screen. He "drove" me down the road and we "pulled up" in front of both of his childhood homes. It was really neat to see where he grew up. Strange because I've always had just a picture in my head and then it was real to see it. Like when you read a book and the movie is different. So cool to know now! We won't get to go for a long time still, but it was so neat to see.

We rented Hotel Transilvania and then laughed at the fact that we chose a kids movie on our last Valentine's Day without kids. Oh well :) It was pretty cute. 

It was a great Valentine's Day! 

5 Years Ago Today...

5 years ago today, my life changed forever.
I was brave and flew to Florida alone and auditioned to be a Walt Disney World Parade Performer!
And out of about 300 other people, 5 of us were chosen.
I freaked out at first, shocked and excited and because of a stupid boyfriend back home...initially turned down the opportunity. I went to the little orientation and said, "I can't do it." I went home and really was disappointed in myself for doing so.

While I was there I stayed with my Aunt Mary (Grandma's Sister) and Uncle Bob. They always used to live in Florida for the Wisconsin winter months. I am so glad I had that chance to spend a lot of time with them as my Uncle Bob passed away a few years ago. 

I called them back a few days later and boy was I lucky!
They said I could still accept the offer!
My family and friends threw me an awesome "Going Away Party" of course...all thinking I would come back in just one short year...(oops!)
{notice the Pluto plush....}

My little brother, Cody and I :) This is one of my favorite pictures of all time...these moments between us are still a bit rare (even as grown ups, lol). 

Just about 3 weeks later, my mom and I (and baby brother, Caleb) drove down to Florida with all my things and that was it! We spent a day at the Magic Kingdom together before they left me on my own.

{Caleb and I, he was only 4 years old.}

I did it!
I roomed with a girl that I met in line at auditions. We both originally auditioned to dance in the shows at Disney...didn't make headed over to the Parade Performer audition and both made it together. She actually got picked to be Jasmine too :)
Here are our first fun pictures together with our first apartment!

My first week at work didn't go so well. I found out that I am VERY claustrophobic and had my first (of many in my life now) panic my Pluto costume while learning. Thought I was going to die...decided to talked out of it...had an incredible trainer who helped me through...and then I was fine. Pluto and I became the best of friends once I became a record holder on property out of all the employees...I was the one who could get out of my costume fastest once I got backstage again LOL. I had tons of tricks to get that head and whole body/shoes off of me in under 25 seconds ;) 

{First day with real guests! I did it!!!}

I made TONS of friends there. I've never had more friends in my whole life. If only I hadn't taken my opportunity there for granted. I still of dreams of moving back one day. 

{My training group and I. These girls and I became very close and the boys were like my big brothers. I couldn't have done it without them by my side!}

I had such great friends in Florida. The apartment I lived in wasn't in the safest of neighborhoods (bad, bad area actually) so Angie moved after a few then I did too. My new roomie (literally, we shared a room just divided with a curtain) was my bestest friend there...Kyle!

We basically did everything together. Disney dates, baking, dancing in the living room until 3am and then...we started double dating together when he FINALLY got me to go out with his boyfriend, Daniel's roommate and best friend....MATT...Matt Lanese....(my husband and soon to be Baby Daddy, ha)!
I also grew to love Daniel and then moved in with him and Matt...because Matt and I were inseparable. Oh, funny...nothing's changed.

I could seriously write about my time in Florida forever and ever. I have a story for seriously every day I was there. Once I met Matt...I was ready to go. 

I experienced and learned so much!
{My first time in a parade!! Photo curtesy of Kyle who came to watch me work it on the bike}

{Another one of my very close friends while I was there, Bartley. I miss him a lot still.}

{I spent MANY days with puppy! Every called me "puppy" because I was one of the smaller Pluto's}

{I also spent may days being "friends" with Mr. Smee and he was my favorite to play. Nice light costume and my own fingers! I also made him super funny following Capt Hook around, hehe}

{One of my favorite friends to be was Mrs. Incredible! I mean, seriously when else do you get to wear boots like that??}

I was very fortunate to be chosen by ABC-TV and Walt Disney World to be one of the few Pink Rangers. Then...I started dating Matt...he took me out like every night for ice cream at Beaches N Cream....I gained a few kicked out. Sad day :(

{My mom, cousin & baby sister, Cirrah, came to see me. So we brought Cirrah in the car!}

I was also approved in Block Party Bash. Some of the best days of my life... (*tear). No but really.

I was also a Dragonfly in SpectoMagic and Matt would come to watch EVERY single Block Party and Spectro parade I did before he would go to work. That's when I knew he was for sure a keeper. Well, actually I knew he was a keeper before I dated him so that's why I kept delaying the inevitable "first date" I didn't want to hurt him in my craziness. Matt still tells me to this day that I "warned" him on our first date..."I'm kind of crazy just so you know..." I guess he didn't mind me too much ; )

Disney's Vero Beach Resort...just like 2 weeks after we started dating. Best boyfriend, EVER!

And that was it.....the rest is history!

Now time to go feed this baby, my stomach is growling like crazy!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

14 Weeks!

Looks the same as last week, just my butt got bigger lol.

How Far Along? 14 weeks

How Big is Baby?  A little lemon

Total Weight Gain: Our scale works again, I'm at 12 lbs. total weight gain. Yikes. 

Maternity Clothes? Shirts are okay with long tanks under. Stretchy and maternity pants are a must.

Stretch Marks? Not yet...

Sleep: Crazy vivid dreams! 

Best Moment this Week: Matt and I just created our registry and I bought my Vera Bradley diaper bag! Fun!

Miss Anything: Leaping :( Dancing is getting hard and that's been kind of hard for me this week. Dance is my release and I get so winded already. It will be worth it all the second I get to hold my baby!

Movement: I'm getting so anxious for this. 

Food Cravings: Haven't had much time to think about tuna, so no cravings currently.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nothing in particular this week. 

Gender: Still hoping we find out at our 16 week appt.!

Symptoms:  None :)

Looking Forward to: Feeling this little baby move...!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Babymoon Booked!

We may have never got to go on our Disney "Honeymoon", but we're not letting anything stop us for our "Babymoon!" Disneyland here we come!!!! 

{Photo: Disneyland February 2011}

And to make it even more fun, we're going for my 25th birthday.
April 18-April 23rd.
5 full days in the park! 

I won't get to go on the big rides, but that doesn't bother me. I'll just chill and eat a bunch of churros and cinnamon rolls while Matt goes on Indiana Jones a million times. mouth is watering already. I promised him I'll wait in line with him for all the rides :) 

I will be 23 weeks while we are there. It will be the perfect time for us to go. 

We are so excited!!!
It will be our last Disney trip "alone"...well, at least for a very long time.
Bittersweet :) 

Two Full Dance Weekends!

These past two weekends have been super busy with dance...and, I loved it! 
The best part, we get to do it all over again next month with two straight weekends of dance again.

February 1st & 2nd my girls attended their first competition as a studio team and they rocked it out!
We brought 10 routines and brought home 10 1st place trophies. I was so proud of them all. We ended our night as a team by going out to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and it was a lot of fun. 

{One of our small hip hop groups getting ready for their MC Hammer Mix}

{Happy kids!}

{The girls and all their awards!}

{Coach and some of the trophies lol}

This past weekend, my kids attended the Nuvo Dance Convention at the Westin Downtown Seattle. 
It was so much fun for me to watch them all learn from such amazing dancers and choreographers. I think the girls grew a lot this weekend and I'm so excited to make them do some crazy new things at practice tonight. I learn a lot at the conventions, too. The kids are surrounded all weekend by other kids who are incredible dancers and just watching them helps my kids grow. The girls even agreed and were excited about me adding a 2nd day of ballet next season. That will be 3 hours of ballet a week for them...these are hip hop kids...wanting ballet. Proud :)

{I love this, two of our littlest girls watching their big sisters during the Master Hip Hop class}

{Our girls are 2nd/3rd/4th in from left}

{Ready for the weekend!}

{After an awesome hip hop class with Ivan!}

Matt and I had fun staying at the Westin all weekend with Cogsy. We got done with dance by 3 on Saturday so Matt and I walked around Pikes Place and had dinner at PF Changs. It was a fun date night :) ...a date night that may have ended with my husband asking if I wanted to watch the competition and then staying in there with me watching it for 2 hours. Best husband ever! Our kids didn't compete at Nuvo this year because it's super intense competition. We're thinking some may be ready next year though! 

February, March & April have been dance months my whole life and now it's happening again and I love it. Except this time, I'm the Director and get to watch all these amazing kids grow. Pretty cool. 

Next month we have another competition with another convention at the Westin the following weekend. Another two weekends in hotels :) So much fun! 

Then we have our last convention at the Westin in April. We're going to plan some fun things for the next two so we have some cool dates to go on.

Now I can't wait for practice tonight!!!