Monday, February 25, 2013

Kick Butt Day!

Do you ever have those days where you just feel pumped to be alive?
A day where you just rock it out?!

This is my day.
Woke up around 9am and had a great nights sleep--finally!
Hung out in bed for a bit with Matt just playing our new game which is trying to figure out which part of my tummy is the hardest and then determining that it must be their head! (Love this game).
Then I ate a funfetti cupcake that was delicious with chocolate frosting.

Then hoped in the shower and it happened.
The time when my day could have gone terribly wrong!
I got a phone call at 10:15am that there was no instructor at one of our locations. We had a girl subbing today for another instructor and just my luck on my first day working after 9 days off...she didn't show up. I called her first (all of this happening while I'm wrapped in a towel with another on my head) answer. Called the location back and they let me know there were 6 families there waiting. I let them know that I apologize but was unable to get ahold of our instructor.

Being awesome and proactive, I asked for the numbers for our 11am class so they wouldn't show up with no teacher as well. Called all of them (still with a towel on my head). They were all very nice! (towel now fell off my head and I was somewhat dressed). I emailed an apology to the 10am class all while trying to text, email and call that instructor. answers...
I was so super calm.
As bad as it sounds, after being off for 9 days, it felt damn good to have to use my brain! 
Matt and I tag teamed all morning and I just felt like, "Man, sometimes we just seriously rock together." Good problem solvers.

We then realized...oh shit! This same instructor always teaches on Mondays at 4pm. Is she going to be there tonight?? My thoughts went to, "No." So...Matt thought of a genius plan.

We moved my 4pm studio class to 5pm. Moved my 5pm team kids to have the little kids and big kids practice together at 6pm all so I could be at the Community Center to teach at 4pm in case she didn't show up. No classes had to be cancelled, just moved around a bit. 

I splurged and made myself a cup of coffee.
And then, I got another preschool.

So today pretty much rocks.
Oh, and the instructor emailed me...she just made a mistake this morning and will be there tonight and to sub tomorrow while I have my ultrasound. Phew! Life is all good.

I handled the whole day without the baby feeling an ounce of stress...maybe a bit of caffeine...but no stress ; ) 

I love today! It feels so good to be back to work!
Matt's applying to live a bajillion jobs right now too. We're on a roll today!

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