Monday, February 11, 2013

Babymoon Booked!

We may have never got to go on our Disney "Honeymoon", but we're not letting anything stop us for our "Babymoon!" Disneyland here we come!!!! 

{Photo: Disneyland February 2011}

And to make it even more fun, we're going for my 25th birthday.
April 18-April 23rd.
5 full days in the park! 

I won't get to go on the big rides, but that doesn't bother me. I'll just chill and eat a bunch of churros and cinnamon rolls while Matt goes on Indiana Jones a million times. mouth is watering already. I promised him I'll wait in line with him for all the rides :) 

I will be 23 weeks while we are there. It will be the perfect time for us to go. 

We are so excited!!!
It will be our last Disney trip "alone"...well, at least for a very long time.
Bittersweet :) 


  1. too fun! we went to disneyworld on our honeymoon and it was the best week of my life!

    1. That's awesome Valerie! We met working at Walt Disney World, so we're kind of Disney freaks lol :)