Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zulliy Addiction/Deals!

Oh, this is bad...bad, bad, bad. 
I was doing so well not buying things for the baby.
I have been having the worst time sleeping. Every other night I am up for a 3 hour chunk between 2am-6am. While I'm up...I browse Zulily. And then, I go back to sleep and when I wake up I immediately go and buy what I was craving during the night.

I will say, other than these things, I haven't really bought anything for the baby and have only bought 4 maternity shirts, so I'm not doing so bad in general.

I am seriously obsessed with the cuteness I've found and have also discovered the beginnings of a baby shoe addiction...

Here are my finds/purchases this week.

I bought this gown in a size 0-3 months because I love picturing cozying up with them in this while I'm on maternity leave. Boy or girl, I love gray right now for both so much! 

This outfit I purchased in 3-6 months so that they can wear it around Christmas time! So stinkin' cute. It's like a hipster baby meets lumberjack meets little elf, ha. 

Obsessed with this Pink Blush top, I had to have it. The back has a lower back with two pink bows across. Adorable! Perfect for spring. 

I am obviously in need of one of these. This was not a want, but a need. I can't sleep on my tummy anymore because when I do I can feel the baby. The only way I can describe the feeling is to tell Matt that when I lay on my tummy it feels I swallowed a huge rock and it's pushing on my insides. No bueno. I still wake up every morning on my back but know I can only do that for a few more weeks. This bad boy will come in perfect time. At first it made me sad, because clearly cuddling with Matt will be impossible but last night I was so uncomfortable I do remember pushing him off of me in the middle of the night...need. my. space. Sleeping sucks. 

And the shoe addiction begins. Not just any shoes...I am a freak for little baby/kid boat style shoes. Which is fitting because our kid is going to spend so much time on the beach. I'm so so excited to see our little one wearing these.

The red ones unfortunately only came as small as a size toddler 5, so I'll have to wait until they are like 1 or 2 to wear them lol. But, for $6.99...couldn't pass them up. 

And for my favorite find of the week! Tiny Toms for just $18.00! Originally like $34.00. I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl so I can buy more. I got these in a size 2, so they can wear them while they really are an infant, like 3ish months old if they have regular sized feet. 

HOLY CUTENESS!!! I can't even handle it. Good thing I go back to work tomorrow....


  1. ha! I am glad I am not the only one ;) I've probably only been on there one other time, but when I heard about the TOMS deal I had to check it out. TOMS are always shoes that I thought were so cute for kids but I never wanted to spend that much on. I ended up getting my 3 yr old daughter 2 pairs. They had pink ones in her size but there was also some butterfly ones I REALLY wanted! They were out of toddler size so I got the kids size 1. It will be at least another year before she can fit into them but hey you cant beat that deal! And of course I ended up getting her 2 more outfits and 2 shirts for my son while I was on there. ha Its addicting thats for sure!

    1. So fun!! My friend bought her daughter the butterfly ones :)

  2. I bought those same TOMS! I have the giraffe ones too. Also, pretty much always has the same prices as zulily and I love their stuff.

    I can't wait to know what you're having too!

    1. Good to know about pink blush! I've never went to the actual site :)