Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Last Valentine's Day Kid-less

Matt and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day together yesterday (and an awesome sunny day today!)
I loved the whole day yesterday.
I taught my itty bitty dancers in the morning and then came home to find Matt exercising. He started a 9-week program yesterday, I'm so proud of him. We then got ready and went to take my 14 week bump pictures at the barn.

After, I was of course hungry, so we headed to Bellevue to our favorite sushi place, Blue C Sushi. We decided to splurge more than usual and go to town there..well, mostly Matt. I ordered 3 plates of avocado rolls lol...mmmm! I did eat a California Roll too and that made me so so happy!

Then we walked over to the mall for something I have been looking forward to for really, for years! We bought my Vera Bradley diaper bag!!!!! It's beautiful, perfectly functional and my favorite...Vera!

It even comes with a changing pad. :)

After all our mall and lunch fun, I had to go back to work to teach my team kids. They were a little crazy from all the chocolate and candy at school so I decided it would be fun for them to work on learning new hip hop combos and playing games! It was fun.

I came home to my favorite person in the whole world, with lots of my favorite things in the whole world....
Beautiful flowers were on our table, which was set romantically for two. There also happened to be a big red box of See's Candy chocolates on the table! Mmm! I could smell it the second I walked in the door...Matt made my favorite food of all time--- spaghetti with meat sauce, homemade garlic bread & caesar salad! Holy yum! He also bought me a bottle of sparkling pink lemonade because I can't have wine and I've been obsessed---obsessed---with pink lemonade and drink it everyday. He also had my all-time favorite album playing in the background of it all, Jason Mraz "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things." Best. Husband. Ever.

He had one last special thing planned.
I've never been to his hometown, so I've never got to see where he grew up. 
He has a Wii-U now and when he turned it on, the street where he grew up was up on the screen. He "drove" me down the road and we "pulled up" in front of both of his childhood homes. It was really neat to see where he grew up. Strange because I've always had just a picture in my head and then it was real to see it. Like when you read a book and the movie is different. So cool to know now! We won't get to go for a long time still, but it was so neat to see.

We rented Hotel Transilvania and then laughed at the fact that we chose a kids movie on our last Valentine's Day without kids. Oh well :) It was pretty cute. 

It was a great Valentine's Day! 


  1. Valentine's day is even better with a little one to share the love with, glad you enjoyed this year and know you'll love next year even more!

    Also - that bag is gorgeous!

    1. I can't wait to spoil our little one next year!! I was just telling Matt today that I already just want to squeeze them!! hehe

  2. Aww- what a fun Vday!! We had sushi on our Vday date too- anddd watched a Charlie Brown Valentine's Day special, so you weren't alone on the kiddy movies ;)