Wednesday, February 27, 2013

16 Week Appointment

Our appointment yesterday went great.
We got our 3rd ultrasound which is so lucky and our sweet little bean is cuter than ever.
I will admit...currently, I will be the first one to say that currently via ultrasound, baby's face is actually quite scary (alien looking) but baby finally gave us a view of it's profile and our bean has the best little button nose. Typing this is difficult because our midwife (and I because I'm awesome at looking at ultrasounds) are both 90% sure of baby's gender. We aren't going to officially announce it until April 1st when we have our anatomy scan scheduled. Our parents are the only ones who know and they were all excited to find out. So yesterday, when I wasn't teaching, Matt and I were browsing, & Etsy looking at gender specific items. We didn't make any purchases just yet, but our carts are ready. I did add more items, boy & girl to our registry to throw people off :) Matt and I have been talking about the baby using the gender we are so certain of and that's been fun. Feels way more real for me now, too. Baby's heartbeat was nice and strong again, this time at 148 instead of 147. So about the same. Baby likes to pose for the camera (which is great for this picture obsessed mama). During the ultrasound I kept saying, "Eek, I know it's our baby, but the face is so crazy, turn...turn baby!" because it was staring straight at us about 50% of the time. We saw it do a huge kick, practically a jump with both legs and stretch all out and our baby is long! Measured, from head to rump, baby is about 9 inches long. Now add the legs. Our midwife made a comment that they were long, maybe tall like Matt and my brother? We were in there for almost an hour just looking at our bean. 

Exciting thing is that I have been feeling our baby and just didn't realize that's what I was feeling. So that means, for about 2 weeks now I have been feeling little movements. To me, it feels like bubbles popping. I was also excited that Lori told me I can take Benadryl (sp?) to help me sleep. I won't take it every night, but for sure a few times a week. For example...I'm typing this at 3am because we went to bed at 10:30 and I'm already up, just wide awake. Hard.

My parents bought us our crib yesterday and it should be here around March 8th. We are very appreciative for this gift from them and I know it made my mom very happy to be able to buy it for us. Matt said as long as I'm done with the rug, he will put the crib together right away. 

 This profile picture just melts me. I've been staring at it all day long, it's neat...especially knowing who they are now. The picture in our head of what life will be like is a little more clear now and that's very exciting. We know whether we will have trucks and trains or pink and bows filling our home and it's fun to think about the things we want to teach our bean. We do not have any dreams or goals for our child and my goal in life is to not ever have specific dreams or goals for our little one because those are for them to decide. The one thing we do want though, is for our sweet little nugget to be happy...wherever they are and whatever they're doing. We will do whatever we can to help them get there in life. We are so in love.


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