Friday, February 15, 2013

5 Years Ago Today...

5 years ago today, my life changed forever.
I was brave and flew to Florida alone and auditioned to be a Walt Disney World Parade Performer!
And out of about 300 other people, 5 of us were chosen.
I freaked out at first, shocked and excited and because of a stupid boyfriend back home...initially turned down the opportunity. I went to the little orientation and said, "I can't do it." I went home and really was disappointed in myself for doing so.

While I was there I stayed with my Aunt Mary (Grandma's Sister) and Uncle Bob. They always used to live in Florida for the Wisconsin winter months. I am so glad I had that chance to spend a lot of time with them as my Uncle Bob passed away a few years ago. 

I called them back a few days later and boy was I lucky!
They said I could still accept the offer!
My family and friends threw me an awesome "Going Away Party" of course...all thinking I would come back in just one short year...(oops!)
{notice the Pluto plush....}

My little brother, Cody and I :) This is one of my favorite pictures of all time...these moments between us are still a bit rare (even as grown ups, lol). 

Just about 3 weeks later, my mom and I (and baby brother, Caleb) drove down to Florida with all my things and that was it! We spent a day at the Magic Kingdom together before they left me on my own.

{Caleb and I, he was only 4 years old.}

I did it!
I roomed with a girl that I met in line at auditions. We both originally auditioned to dance in the shows at Disney...didn't make headed over to the Parade Performer audition and both made it together. She actually got picked to be Jasmine too :)
Here are our first fun pictures together with our first apartment!

My first week at work didn't go so well. I found out that I am VERY claustrophobic and had my first (of many in my life now) panic my Pluto costume while learning. Thought I was going to die...decided to talked out of it...had an incredible trainer who helped me through...and then I was fine. Pluto and I became the best of friends once I became a record holder on property out of all the employees...I was the one who could get out of my costume fastest once I got backstage again LOL. I had tons of tricks to get that head and whole body/shoes off of me in under 25 seconds ;) 

{First day with real guests! I did it!!!}

I made TONS of friends there. I've never had more friends in my whole life. If only I hadn't taken my opportunity there for granted. I still of dreams of moving back one day. 

{My training group and I. These girls and I became very close and the boys were like my big brothers. I couldn't have done it without them by my side!}

I had such great friends in Florida. The apartment I lived in wasn't in the safest of neighborhoods (bad, bad area actually) so Angie moved after a few then I did too. My new roomie (literally, we shared a room just divided with a curtain) was my bestest friend there...Kyle!

We basically did everything together. Disney dates, baking, dancing in the living room until 3am and then...we started double dating together when he FINALLY got me to go out with his boyfriend, Daniel's roommate and best friend....MATT...Matt Lanese....(my husband and soon to be Baby Daddy, ha)!
I also grew to love Daniel and then moved in with him and Matt...because Matt and I were inseparable. Oh, funny...nothing's changed.

I could seriously write about my time in Florida forever and ever. I have a story for seriously every day I was there. Once I met Matt...I was ready to go. 

I experienced and learned so much!
{My first time in a parade!! Photo curtesy of Kyle who came to watch me work it on the bike}

{Another one of my very close friends while I was there, Bartley. I miss him a lot still.}

{I spent MANY days with puppy! Every called me "puppy" because I was one of the smaller Pluto's}

{I also spent may days being "friends" with Mr. Smee and he was my favorite to play. Nice light costume and my own fingers! I also made him super funny following Capt Hook around, hehe}

{One of my favorite friends to be was Mrs. Incredible! I mean, seriously when else do you get to wear boots like that??}

I was very fortunate to be chosen by ABC-TV and Walt Disney World to be one of the few Pink Rangers. Then...I started dating Matt...he took me out like every night for ice cream at Beaches N Cream....I gained a few kicked out. Sad day :(

{My mom, cousin & baby sister, Cirrah, came to see me. So we brought Cirrah in the car!}

I was also approved in Block Party Bash. Some of the best days of my life... (*tear). No but really.

I was also a Dragonfly in SpectoMagic and Matt would come to watch EVERY single Block Party and Spectro parade I did before he would go to work. That's when I knew he was for sure a keeper. Well, actually I knew he was a keeper before I dated him so that's why I kept delaying the inevitable "first date" I didn't want to hurt him in my craziness. Matt still tells me to this day that I "warned" him on our first date..."I'm kind of crazy just so you know..." I guess he didn't mind me too much ; )

Disney's Vero Beach Resort...just like 2 weeks after we started dating. Best boyfriend, EVER!

And that was it.....the rest is history!

Now time to go feed this baby, my stomach is growling like crazy!


  1. This was one of my favorite posts to read! I love it. It sounds like you had so much fun!