Sunday, June 7, 2015

So...We Moved to Florida!

Wow! I have not blogged in so long. That makes me so sad! Thank goodness for Instagram where I am a totally "overgrammer" and have all my sweet memories of Lilly Belle's days stored away ;)
So, big news...we moved to Florida! We made the decision in January, and have now been living here for 10 days. I purchased a FIT4MOM franchise and Matt is now working at Disney and Universal. Lilly Belle is just happy as can be with all of our new adventures.
We have made so many friends already and it feels like we are making more every single day. I know this will at one point come to a slow down, but for now, it's been so amazing feeling so surrounded by an amazing community.
I really want to start blogging again to journal all the amazing things we are doing. And Lilly Belle is growing up so fast, it's a little bit overwhelming trying to keep up with all of her changes. I keep wanting to write down all the things she says but literally I'd have to carry a pen around in my hand all day...So, I just take videos of her constantly.
Here are our adventures so far. We don't have our annual passes for Disney, Universal or SeaWorld yet, so we have just been doing as much as we can around here for free. It's pretty incredible how much there has been to do without even going to any of the parks. And we haven't even made it to the beach yet!

Here is a little preview of the past two weeks.
Matt and I were just talking and realized that two weeks ago, we were only on day 2 of our 5 day road trip here. It feels like we've been here for so long!

National Doughnut Day! Free doughnuts from Krispy Kreme

 Girlfriend has mastered the art of climbing - it's a little terrifying.

 Spent the morning resort hopping and riding the monorails.

 Checking out the farmers market in Celebration.

 We love our new sweet little town!

 Our new home! We're so in love!!

 Another morning of monorail riding ;)

 We had to get some ice cream from Beaches n Cream!

 The parks here are absolutely amazing!

Our splash pad!

We are so happy here and so happy with our decision!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Lilly Belle's Princess Brunch Disney Side @ Home Celebration!

So much has been going on planning our big move to Disney...I mean, Florida!
We feel so thankful to have been chosen to host a Disney Side @ Home Celebration. Thanks to BSM Media and Disney Parks, we were able to put together the perfect princess brunch for Lilly Belle's friends and cousins!
Lilly Belle hosted her first party on Valentine's Day.
It was absolutely adorable! So many of her friends came and it was an absolute fun chaos!
Just the way we like it.

We made lots of yummy treats. The girls got to enjoy chocolate covered pretzels...Magic Wands.

Once her friends had arrived, I read them all a Sofia the First story.

This was the perfect time for her to have a party. I fear she may not see many of these friends for a long time now that we are moving 3,000 miles away... :(

I made the girls Princess Cupcakes :)

Of course, there was dancing!

We even had a special guest arrive! Rapunzel went to a new and exciting ball with Flynn Rider. It is called "PROM!" and he bought her a new dress!
The girls totally believed she was Rapunzel. Thank you so much, Autumn! We love you!

Matt spent the entire morning making Mickey Waffles for all the girls! So sweet :)

Lilly Belle loved her crown :)

We played Disney Parks Bingo and used chocolate chips as markers. Big mistake as the kids were all hyped up on fruit, sugar and raisins lol. Left the Cheerios at home by mistake - oops!

The girls got goody bags/boxes as well.
I had two Etsy shops also donate to our party. We are so thankful for the beautiful necklaces and the adorable Ariel apron!

Necklace: OliverandMay
This girl is on the move! So bummed that I couldn't a more clear picture of this adorable apron by EmeraldBelleDesigns on Etsy. Seriously go check out her shop! So so cute! I can't wait to get Lilly Belle more of these adorable aprons from her for our days at Disney...which will soon be often :) Yay!

Thank you so much to BSM Media and Disney Parks for the amazing party supplies. Thank you to OliverandMay on Etsy for these adorable necklaces, I can't wait to get some more for Lilly Belle! Thank you EmeraldBelleDesigns for Lilly Belle's adorable dress up apron. Lilly Belle still plays with her apron and necklace almost everyday and will most definitely be wearing them around Walt Disney World when we make our big move! :)
Thank you to my Sister in Law, Megan, for all of these pictures!! I of course took...2 photos. It was a bit of a crazy morning :)
I hope we get to do this again next time! We all had so much fun and I loved putting it together for these girls!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Five on Friday

It was another busy and fun week in the Lanese household. 
Here are 5 of my favorites from the week!

#1. MOPS

Lilly Belle and I attended our first MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting on Tuesday at our church and I am in love. I am in love with the mommy time, in love with the table I was put at and the incredible mamas I met and in love with the message. I also was really happy when I picked Lilly Belle up and she was crazy happy playing with all the other kids her age. Apparently, she is now friends with Lauren & Kate. ;) 

I bought this yesterday because, well, duh. Being Lilly Belle's mommy and teaching my sweet little ballerinas are both the best jobs ever. I'm a lucky mama. 


Matt and I took our weekend to organize. More. It is my new years resolution to be more organized and so far, so good. We are only about 2 weeks in and already our home is so much more organized. We have moved tons of not needed items to our storage unit. We are so clutter-free and it feels marvelous. We are not done, but we are off to a great start! Every weekend we take another car full of items over to storage. During the week I set everything out on our patio as I go through it to either sell on our communities FB consignment page or to put in storage. It really feels like home and finally like we can breathe. 

I ordered this book from Amazon a few days ago and it arrived yesterday. This is already my motto in life. I never say it, but I definitely follow it. I always have. Lately though, I've realized that I've let a little fear sneak into my life. This book is amazing and I've only just started. I'm so excited to see where this book with take me!
I follow Lara Casey on Instagram and am always so inspired.
Instagram: @laracasey

5. My (Prayer) Journal
I have started to not only write in my journal about my thoughts, hopes, dreams, and worries but have  also started to write prayers. When I feel down or feel like things are spinning out of my control (something I struggle with) I just go grab my journal (if Lilly Belle is sleeping or Matt is home) I close the door, get cozy and write away. I write out all my worries or whatever is bothering me as a note to God or as a prayer instead. It feels so amazing to know that it is always out of my control anyway so me worrying about it is not going to change the path or what happens because God already wrote my story. All I can do is learn to enjoy and embrace what he throws my way. 

My journal is from HomeGoods so I'm sure you can't find it, but here is a similar one.

So there it is, five exciting new finds and adventures from our week! Happy Friday!

PS #6 ... Matt brought me flowers. For no reason. He just got them for me and told me he loved me. I'm a pretty lucky girl. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dance Class!

Little miss thing has been a dancing queen lately. She dances every chance she gets. 
She started her own dance class last week and (for her age) is doing a fantastic job. 
Yesterday I had to be in the room with her for most of it, but she still danced and had a great time.

Represent, Lilly Belle.

I had her come with me to two classes on Monday when Papa couldn't watch her. I brought a bag of toys thinking she would just sit down and play while I taught since the kids are 3-5 year olds. Nope, girlfriend did 2 45-min classes in a row. She followed right along with my kids. 

Bunny got to go to dance class yesterday too!