Monday, January 23, 2017

the school with no walls

It has been an interesting six months for our family. And now we are finally starting to get into a groove and have been really finding what is important to us. One of the biggest things that has changed is that Lilly Belle and I have not been doing any structured school time since Lucy has been born. She is craving it and I am craving it. We were both loving all that came with homeschooling. It is time to get that back. My hope was that we could begin in January, but it is now almost the end of January so on to February it is! Lucy will be 3 months old and Lilly Belle will be 3.5 years old when we begin again, so it will be good timing for all. And with my new approach and what I have recently found, I think it will work wonderfully for our family.

Matt and I have been talking a lot about what we will do with Lilly Belle next year for school. We've really gone back and forth on it. Here in Florida, you get one year of free preschool, which makes it tempting to just get her signed up and send her on her way 5 days a week from 9-12. When I sit back and really think about how that will look though, it just doesn't sit well with me and I don't feel like it will be what is best for her or for our family at this time. I thought it was, until I realized I didn't have to do things the way I was and until I really thought long and hard about HOW she learns and has been learning.

Lilly Belle is very bright. She sees things in such a fun and creative way. Her imagination is huge, her vocabulary is incredible, and she learns at her own perfect little pace. Once she is ready to learn something, she can learn it quickly and fiercely. If she is forced to learn something, she will completely push it away and her little mind blocks it all out. I don't blame her. I learn the exact same way. When I love something, I love it so hard. When I'm not interested...I'm just not at all. I see some of that in her. I struggled a lot in school because of that. I wonder had I been homeschooled and had the ability to learn at my own pace and in my own way, if I would have blossomed so much more with my education. I want that for her and for Lucy.

I want life to be calm and clear for them. I want them to find what they love and to have time to enjoy whatever that passion may be.

Beginning in February, we will be starting a new curriculum - The Peaceful Preschool. The goal being that we do the majority of our schooling outside. Along with this new curriculum, I will also have her working on some life skills that I think she will enjoy and/or needs such as learning to ride her bike and to learn how to swim. We will also be adding in a lot of STEM because she loves to create. We call her our little Tinker. I've found some incredible learning ideas on Pinterest with Legos and she can sit and build with her Legos for hours. I want to spend more time reading to the girls as well. My birthday is next, and what I really want is a large, beautiful quilt that we can take to parks or the beach to learn, read, and spend time together outside.

Photo: Little Sunshine Quilts - Etsy
I feel that by getting outside and finding somewhere beautiful to learn, that Lilly Belle is just going to flourish and bloom even more. I think we all will together. I love the idea of bringing school with us and learning in an environment where she can learn and play at the same time. If she wants to sit down and work on her curriculum activities with me we will - if she wants to run around and just play or collect nature (one of her new favorite activities) then she can.

I want to go to the beach more. We are just an hour an a half from the ocean on both sides of us. There is no reason that we should not be spending our time learning and doing school while the ocean is in front of us. We are so blessed to be living so close to so much ocean. It is time to start enjoying that gift more.

This beach is just an hour and a half away. Why have not gone here yet??

I am now an Usborne Consultant and with that I have been able to get Lilly Belle quite a few books (for free) in subjects she has shown great interest in: learning to speak French & learning about space. I would love to go to Epcot with the girls just to spend time in "France" and bring our books with us to have her practice her new love of learning to speak French. I'd also love to spend time learning about space and then take her to Cape Canaveral.

This is how I want her to learn. This is how I want to teach her. I want her to experience the world. I want both of our girls to experience the world. I dream of them being passionate little girls who grow into passionate women who can LOVE; love themselves, love their lives, love the world, love their spouses, love their families, and love those who need love it most.

I feel like this way of learning will bring that to them. I feel like this way of learning will bring that to all of us.

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