Sunday, November 17, 2013

Disneyland 2013: Days 3, 4 & 5

Friday, Saturday and Sunday of our Disneyland trip are a bit of a blur as I was with my team kids most of the time. I know Matt, Lilly & his parents had fun out in the parks :) My team kids had a blast, too. Me...well I was just stressed and having a hard time being away from Lilly while she was at Disneyland but was glad in the end that everyone had a good time and I was really the only one feeling it all.

Friday, I met my kids at 7:30am down in the lobby and was with them the entire day minus a break for lunch. I was having a great time all morning until it got really crazy with costumes just before they excused us and then I was super pissy, frazzled, hot & hungry once I finally did get to be back with my family. I know the reason we went there but it didn't make it any easier to be away from them knowing they were all together at Disneyland :)

Friday night my kids were in the parade and did a great job. I was really proud of them!

Saturday, I met my kids at 6:15am and was with them until late afternoon. I honestly do not remember anything from this day except for rehearsal on Main St. during park hours with guests everywhere and crazy crazy parents yelling at me. (Not my team parents, thank goodness).

Sunday, I met my kids at 6:30am and it was the day my kids were in the taping. By Sunday, I was beyond exhausted. I'm not in the best place to begin with when it comes to leaving Lilly so by Sunday I was just done. Once again, my kiddos did a fantastic job! I really was so proud of them all weekend. They were well behaved and danced wonderfully. I got many compliments on them backstage at how great of kids they were. 

We had dinner with Matt's parents at Blue Bayou for dinner and that was a great way to end the craziness! 

And...even though it was crazy...I guarantee we'll be doing it all again next year ;) Just decided to not do the taping, we'll just do a Friday/Saturday thing next time. The ABC-TV taping gets too nuts because the schedule gets all messed up and its just a lot of pressure on the kids for them to be on TV for maybe 10-15 seconds. Yikes.

Here are the pictures I have from the weekend. Sadly, not many of Lilly Belle, but I know she had fun with her Daddy, Nana & Papa!

So everyday I had breaks during the rehearsals that I could go out and be with my family. Like 3 hours at a time. If we didn't have Lilly with us, that's like at least 5-6 rides. 3 hours at Disneyland with a 3 month old goes FAST. 30 minutes to feed her/change her, 30 minutes for me to eat lunch, Lilly takes a nap and we would get on a ride and then it would start over again as she still eats every 2 hours :) So...we did catch some fun in between!

I'm noticing Lilly Belle isn't smiling in a bunch of these lol. All of that goodness is on video. I love watching them. I'm so glad we brought our video camera!

I was always done by 4/5pm and on Sunday earlier. This was Fri or Sat night. Lilly was DONE but we just had to get to Mickey :)

Sunday was kind of awesome because I actually got TONS of park time with my family. I was released around 9:30am and there was NO line for Small World so while my girls were being escorted to Main Street to perform, we quick hopped on LOL. Lilly loved it!

My sweet girls dancing their hearts out. Watch for them on Christmas Morning on ABC-TV for the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade as part of the Monsters University promotion. There are 3 of my kids in this picture :) 

Hooray, Mommy has a break. Let's party!!! (Also notice, Lilly & I actually have the same color hair) Yay!

Can't say she liked this one lol...slept through the whole thing. 

Little Miss Belle being an angel baby at Blue Bayou. She literally did this and slept the entire time we were there. All the way through dessert :) 

Nana & Papa bought LB these sweet pjs :)

Girlfriend was wiped out from all her Disneyland fun!

Good morning!!!

Doesn't need a caption LOL. Go ahead, do a double take. I have like 30,000 times cracking up lol!

Nana & Papa spoiled our sweet girl. Princess again ; ) 

These pictures are clearly not in order but 'ain't nobody got time for that...'

Oh hey, you know...just hanging out at Disneyland at 6:30am...Yikes!

Marie sent this to me while I was backstage and made the next three hours of my life so much better that I got to stare at this on my phone. I'm pretty sure I showed a good 300 people this picture. I kid, maybe just 3...or 10...

Oh hey, I have an idea! Let's take 500 kids and all their parents and have them rehearse at 4pm on Main Street with all the guests there too! --dumb.  (Kids had a great time LOL) Me as a director trying to keep my eye on all 13 of them and deal with obnoxious parents in the crowd...not so much. Definitely NOT the highlight of my trip.

Too freakin' cute!

Days 6 & 7 coming soon...
Tomorrow is Monday, my busiest day so it may be a few days, but I'll get to them eventually :) 

And, PS. Lilly Belle is 15 weeks old today. Say what?! 
Time needs to SLOW down. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Disneyland 2013: Day 2

Day 2 of our Disneyland vacation was our first full day at Disneyland.

Lilly Belle's 1st time walking through the gates! (Huge moment in this family!)
The days are all a bit of a blur now and especially because the majority of my time and energy there was spent working. It was Thursday and I had the full day with Matt and Lilly. 

She slept the majority of the day as she was wiped out from the day before. We took her on Alice in Wonderland first. We wanted her first ride to be Peter Pan's Flight, but of course the line was always 40 minutes and that was just too risky in case she would get hungry while we were in line. So...Alice in Wonderland it was. And...she slept the entire ride. Didn't even know we got on or off lol. I was so happy we got this family picture though. Kind of neat because we have a picture of us on it from my first time to Disneyland, too! (see below)

We also took her on Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion & later at California Adventure, we took her on Little Mermaid. She loved Haunted Mansion & Little Mermaid but HATED Pirates. (Just like her Daddy when he was little). It really was my fault because I had her in the Bjorn and tried to have her sit in it on me in the ride. She did NOT like that idea and started screaming. So as we were starting to go into the Bayou I took her out and had her on my lap and she continued screaming. Then...the drop happened. We had tons of huge guys on our boat and the splash was SO big. Sadly...even with me covering her, she got splashed pretty bad in the face. So sad :( I almost cried for her. She was crying and just so so sad. I felt awful. more Pirates for a while ;)

We ended our night early (6:30) as Lilly Belle had her first and only meltdown while we were there. Right in the middle of Main Street as we were waiting to watch the parade. She didn't like that idea so much. Poor girl was exhausted. (I don't blame her). She was such a trooper the whole time.

We headed back to our room at the Grand and watched World of Color from the 6th floor terrace again. Well actually, Matt did. I sat against the wall on the side and nursed her for the majority of the show. 

**While I'm talking about nursing, I'm going to do a post on 'Disneyland with a Baby' because I learned so many tricks while we were there and it really was super easy!**

We had a super fun day!