Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dear Lilly Belle

Dear Lilly Belle,
     You are asleep in my arms right now; you have been for over an hour now. We are in your nursery and I'm rocking in the glider. You're wrapped up in a cozy blanket and you've got your Paci. You are so content. I could hold you like this all day. Daddy's watching football. It's Saturday. I taught for 3 hours this morning while you slept in and then played with Daddy. You are going to be 3 months old in just 2 days. Tomorrow you'll be 13 weeks old! Sometimes I wish I could freeze time. I have waited for you for my whole life and now you're here and time is getting away from me. Every second I spend with you, my life gets that much better. You're such a good baby. You're personality is starting to peek through. You're strong like Mommy. You're also sweet and silly like Daddy. We'll see if those traits stay as you continue to learn and grow. You are a super smiley baby (when you want to). Whenever you wake up you give us the best smiles, like you're saying hello, or like you have something funny you want to tell us. You often tilt your sweet little head when you smile, it's the cutest! You make life so much better. I sat in this glider everyday while you were in my tummy just dreaming about moments just like now. I am really soaking up these cuddles. I don't want to have any regrets. You're only this little once so I hold you every second I can. I even bring you to work with me just so I can feed you. I don't want you to all of a sudden be 5 and wish I had held you more. You're already becoming attached to us. You love cuddling with Daddy too. You give Daddy the best smiles, it's adorable how much you two love each other. It makes my heart burst. You give him this look like he is just the best thing in the world. You definitely let us know you love us. We love you, Peanut. You're going to wake anytime now. I fed you 2.5 hours ago and your tummy is starting to make cute little hungry sounds.

I love you my sweet girl.

Ps. We leave for Disneyland in just 2 days! Yay!

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