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Lilly Belle: Three Months!

Lilly Belle: 3 Months Old!

This little stinker had a cozy day at home. Just her plain white tee and some crazy hair :) 
We leave for Disneyland in just 1 more day so I didn't have time to make a cute matching bow for her monthly sticker, but I'm sure we will have PLENTY of adorable pictures after this trip....!

Here is what is new with our sweet little Lilly Belle...

Weight: I'm not sure what it is exactly. Last month she was around 11 lbs. so I'm sure she's at least 13 now. Both Matt and I have noticed she is seeming a lot heavier lately. 

Health: Lilly Belle got sick this month. I unfortunately was sick the same day with a 103 degree fever. Hers lasted longer than mine. Mild fever and super fussy. It was so sad. I decided, no more bringing her to the studio. She's just too little. HUGE decision for this mommy, but I don't want her getting sick like that again any time soon! She also has had a stuffed nose a few times this month but nothing our little booger sucker couldn't help. 
**Wrote this a couple weeks ago when she was sick. I have since brought her to the studio maybe 2 or 3 times, but have resisted because I don't want her sick :(

Sleep: LB is an incredible sleeper! We are so lucky. She goes to bed every night between 9 and 10pm and will then sleep until 3-5am. She will then go down immediately after nursing and getting a diaper change until at least 8:30am. The usual night is 10pm-5am / 5:45am-8:30am. Then she is mostly up for the day. Her naps are short except for one mid-afternoon nap that usually lasts just an hour or sometimes two (only sometimes). Her usual naps during the day are just 20-30 minutes long. I'll take it though because we love getting so much sleep at night. It's hard to work during the day because when she's awake so much, I just want to play with her and hold her, but great that she has such a schedule at night! I'm worried Disneyland is going to throw her nights off...we'll see! We had two nights this month where she slept for 10 hours straight! Short lived, but amazing! Lilly no longer sleeps in her basket as she is too big for it now. She now sleeps in her Pack N Play next to me. 

Social: Lilly Belle is still a pretty happy baby! She has her fussy moments, but lately it's only when she starts to get bored. She's at a weird stage right now where she doesn't really nap and wants to play but she still can't do very much. She likes when we read and sing to her. We've noticed recently that she definitely knows who we are, Matt and I. She'll smile when she sees us, it's the best! She makes amazing eye contact and can follow us. She started coo-ing this month which is just the cutest thing. I love our little conversations together. She just recently starting grabbing onto her blankie and our shirts as well. When I nurse her she holds onto my shirt and in her car seat when she's falling asleep, she'll hold her blankie. Cutest thing ever! 

Diet: Breast milk, breast milk & more breast milk. We're still going strong with the no formula. She's still never had any and I'm still really proud of this. Girlfriend has had 3 whole months of solid breast milk. I'd say that's quite an accomplishment :) I am getting really excited though to find out if she can start cereal at 4 months because lately when I eat she really stares and me and seems very interested. When I put food in my mouth she kind of moves hers like she's trying to mimic me. It's really cute.

Clothes: Lilly Belle is now wearing all 3 month, 3-6 month and a 6 month clothes. Most of her 3 month onesies still fit but are on their way out soon. I give them a few more weeks. She wears all 6 month pants now because the 3 month sizes are just too tight on her tummy. We're still using size 2 diapers as well. I went to a consignment sale at the Pickering Barn a few weeks ago and got her lots of warm clothes. She's all set for the winter now. Well...unless she continues changing sizes every month!

Baby Gear Love: She still loves her paci and her Aden & Anais swaddles. We still only swaddle her at bedtime. There were a few nights where she was okay in her sleep sack instead of being swaddled but we still find that she loves being swaddled and is way more content. She hasn't liked being in her 4moms Mamaroo much anymore. I think she gets a little bored in there now. Her favorite places to nap are definitely if she's in her carseat or my arms! We never put her in her carseat just to nap, but have thought about it ;) Lilly Belle likes being held in the Boba Wrap now and it is my favorite thing! Such good snuggles. I've had her in it quite a few times now and she just sleeps and is so cozy on me. She still sleeps with her Sound Sleeper app. She still likes to play on her play mat and we've discovered she can sit for a few minutes at a time in her Bumbo chair as well. We haven't had her spend much time sitting up in her Boppy. She has really been liking hanging out in her Snuga Monkey bouncer chair. I put her in there when I'm putting her clothes away and when I get ready. She likes to just watch me and I talk to her about what I'm doing and show her all her clothes and my make-up and stuff. She loves it. Lilly loves to go for walks with us in her stroller. She's so cute in there all bundled up :) 

Crying: Lilly Belle is pretty easy going. She will cry when she's hungry, tired or bored, other than that, she is usually pretty chill. She will also let you know if she's not interested in something. There are times when we sit her in her seat or her play mat and she'll cry until we switch her to something new or hold her. Girlfriend knows what she wants :) 

Likes: She loves taking naps in my arms and when I hold her. She's starting to really know who I am and want to be held by me. Matt too :) He was so happy the other night when he was sitting in the glider reading her stories and she fell asleep in his arms. She still loves her paci. My mom just sent her 4 more so I'm pretty sure she has like 12 now and we still can never find them when we need them. They're everywhere! She still loves bath time and getting her hair washed. I took a bath with her and she loved it. She loves when we tickle her cheeks to make her smile and Matt discovered she's ticklish under her left arm, it's hilarious! She still likes looking at lights and discovered the TV. If it's on, she'll turn her head until she can see it (no we don't let her watch TV). She likes to be wrapped up in cozy blankets and held & rocked in the glider while we read her stories. She's been taking really long afternoon naps in my arms wrapped up cozy sitting in her glider. It's the best.

Dislikes: Sadly her Mamaroo. She just gets bored in there. She cries in the car if we're not moving because she loves being in her carseat while we're driving or in the stroller. I'd say her biggest dislike right now is just that she gets bored pretty quickly. 

Postpartum: I am okay. Definitely not where I want to be emotionally, but I'll get there. I'm having a super hard time being a working mom, but am starting to find balance which is making it way better. I have a lot of future plans that already put into action and they are making me feel a lot better.   

Milestones: She can now grab and coo. I wouldn't say either of them are full on yet, but she's getting there for sure. Her head control is definitely a lot better now too!  

Nicknames: Lilly, Lilly Belle, Peanut, Peanut Butter, Sweet Girl, Little Bean, Pumpkin

Ok, be ready for picture overload. And...I didn't put up the ones I've already blogged like when Micky came to visit. Such a fun and busy month!

Lilly Belle loves to hang out in her crib. We try to get her to nap in there but sometimes we'll go in to check on her 10-15 minutes later and she'll just be laying there happy as can be, wide awake lol.

Lilly tried out Makenna's toy to see if she was ready...not quite ;)

Little Missy had TONS of friend time this month. She loves her friends Maddie, Makenna & Owen.

Starting in a few weeks, these two will spend their Tuesdays together! We all can't wait to have Miss Makenna over to play so much!

This picture was taken about 30 seconds before Owen just full out fell asleep on Lilly. Like passed out. It was the cutest thing ever but Lilly wasn't having it lol.

LB loves Daddy!

We got too big for our Moses Basket :(

Thursdays are the best because Mommy doesn't work and we cuddle all day!

Best Hair Award goes to....Lilly Belle!

Hung out with our family at Uncle Clint's Parent's farm

We hung out at a couple pumpkin patches!

We tried out the Ergo a bunch of times.

This pumpkin patch had too much sun and too many bees. Daddy wasn't a fan so we only lasted about 10 minutes...

2nd ride on the ferry!

We went to our first class!

Bestie Girlfriends, Makenna, Lilly Belle & Maddie

This is how Daddy likes my socks.

Cool baby!

Mommy cried a lot when it was my last night in my basket...

Daddy snuck some pictures because he knows my mommy that well...

This nap lasted 2.5 hours like this!

Sometimes I'm so tired that I fall asleep on my changing table...

Mommy gets tired a lot after coming home from dance and sometimes we fall asleep together :)

Still LOVE bath time!

I like to cuddle with my Daddy in the morning..

I'm a big girl in my chair!

Sweetest pumpkin...(who was so over taking pictures lol)

Not a fan of her Snow White costume either lol

Mommy feeds me, reads me stories and cuddles with me when she gets home from work.

My whole world...

We go to the mall WAY too much. Maybe 2-3x/week. We never buy anything...just something to do together :)

My dance kids love LB :)

Such a smiley baby!

Yay for liking the Boba!

Sad baby with her first fever :(

How she felt after some Tylenol ;)

Our Itsy Bitsy Spider (also, check out her hair in the back LOL)

Our little Cabbage Patch at the Pumpkin Patch

I love you so much, my Lilly Girl. 

Now stop growing so fast...

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