Thursday, November 14, 2013

Disneyland 2013: Day 1

Day 1 of Lilly Belle's 1st trip to Disneyland was a success! She had so many firsts today and is handling it all so well. We started our morning off with her first time on an airplane. We were nervous about flying with a 3 month old, but she proved once again that she adapts well to change and being out and about. We got to the airport around 5:30/5:45am and made it through security easily. A lot easier than we had anticipated. Then, we got lucky and there were 40 empty seats on the plane so they let us bring her car seat on for free. I nursed her before take off and she slept in my arms until just before we were going to start our descent and I nursed her again. No tears at all. Happy baby to be held by her mama the whole time. 

Then we got our bags and headed to Super Shuttle. We thought we had it all worked out. She eats every two hours. She ate as we were landing so we were thinking I would feed her again at the hotel. Well... Super Shuttle decided to pick up everyone and their mom and took 30 minutes (after waiting 20) just to drive and pick everyone up. We had about 15 minutes tops before she would wake up. We knew we were in trouble. In a van...with 9 other people! It happened...she started crying. Then she started bawling. Nothing was helping, white noise, Paci...nothing. Matt kept giving me the look (the one where he hates what everyone around us is thinking about us) I didn't care, I wasn't going to take her out. Then, the lady behind us started to lean forward to help comfort Lilly. After about 5-10 minutes, it got really sad. She was so hungry. So...I had a mommy fail moment that I will never forgive myself for. I took Lilly out of her car seat, on the freeway, in LA...and nursed her. It was my realization moment. We should have had some formula with us ...what's worse? Formula or a car accident on a freeway in LA? Don't answer that.

Then eventually, we made it to Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and Spa where we will be staying this week. Yay! I put Lilly in the Bjorn and she was happy as a clam. Matt was excited because he spent a while talking with the cast member at the front desk and they gave us special reservations for the terrace on the Grand to watch World of Color from there! (I guess people pay hundreds of dollars for that...way to go honey!!!)
We got into our room right away and got settled.

Then we headed out to Downtown Disney and had lunch at Earl of Sandwich. Lilly slept on me in the Bjorn (which she LOVES!...thanks Casie!) then it was time to feed her again. Back to the room we went, fed LB and then her and I got our swim suits on.

She loved the pool! It was her first time and she did great, she just looked so peaceful. Matt recorded it :) 

When we were done swimming we came back and let her take a good hour nap in her pack n play which we brought from home so she would be more comfortable. 

Tonight we went to World of Disney, took a long walk (while she slept on me again) and had dinner at a little Mexican place. Then we went back to the room to give her a bath and feed her again.

Last part of our day was perfect. 
We went and rocked by the fireplace and she fell asleep on me. So many sweet cuddles today!

After her sweet nap and cuddles with me, we had an extra special treat. Matt chatted with the cast member at the front desk for a while and told him he used to work there. He also knew I was the Director for my studio bringing my kids there. He gave us special access to watch World of Color from the 6th floor terrace. It was such an amazing view. They pipe the music through as well so it was just so awesome. Lilly slept right though it. (As she ended up doing for most things on the trip lol)...

Perfect day!


Taken the day before we left...someone was very excited to go to Disneyland! (And I'm not talking about Matt) ;)

Such a good sport being woken up at 4:45am to leave for the airport. She was all smiles. Here we are on the plane. Girlfriend was happy as could be.

Arriving at LAX, Daddy, Mommy & Lilly Belle were all pretty tired...but excited!

"This is the life..."

Getting ready for her first time swimming! Of course her swim diapers were Nemo! Girlfriend was caked with sunscreen.

We sat like this for a while. Perfect.

We walked around Downtown Disney and visited the Disneyland Hotel.

Our special view of World of Color!


A nice man offered to take our photo. Came out blurry but I still love it :)

 Day 2 coming soon...

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