Saturday, November 16, 2013

Disneyland 2013: Day 2

Day 2 of our Disneyland vacation was our first full day at Disneyland.

Lilly Belle's 1st time walking through the gates! (Huge moment in this family!)
The days are all a bit of a blur now and especially because the majority of my time and energy there was spent working. It was Thursday and I had the full day with Matt and Lilly. 

She slept the majority of the day as she was wiped out from the day before. We took her on Alice in Wonderland first. We wanted her first ride to be Peter Pan's Flight, but of course the line was always 40 minutes and that was just too risky in case she would get hungry while we were in line. So...Alice in Wonderland it was. And...she slept the entire ride. Didn't even know we got on or off lol. I was so happy we got this family picture though. Kind of neat because we have a picture of us on it from my first time to Disneyland, too! (see below)

We also took her on Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion & later at California Adventure, we took her on Little Mermaid. She loved Haunted Mansion & Little Mermaid but HATED Pirates. (Just like her Daddy when he was little). It really was my fault because I had her in the Bjorn and tried to have her sit in it on me in the ride. She did NOT like that idea and started screaming. So as we were starting to go into the Bayou I took her out and had her on my lap and she continued screaming. Then...the drop happened. We had tons of huge guys on our boat and the splash was SO big. Sadly...even with me covering her, she got splashed pretty bad in the face. So sad :( I almost cried for her. She was crying and just so so sad. I felt awful. more Pirates for a while ;)

We ended our night early (6:30) as Lilly Belle had her first and only meltdown while we were there. Right in the middle of Main Street as we were waiting to watch the parade. She didn't like that idea so much. Poor girl was exhausted. (I don't blame her). She was such a trooper the whole time.

We headed back to our room at the Grand and watched World of Color from the 6th floor terrace again. Well actually, Matt did. I sat against the wall on the side and nursed her for the majority of the show. 

**While I'm talking about nursing, I'm going to do a post on 'Disneyland with a Baby' because I learned so many tricks while we were there and it really was super easy!**

We had a super fun day!

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