Saturday, October 26, 2013

Our Little Pumpkin

On Saturday mornings, I teach at our Community Center. The sidewalk is covered every year with the best fall leaves. Every year, I have told myself, 'one day when I have a baby...I will take their pictures out there.' Well, the day has come my friends. I was teaching up in the View Room this morning just staring out at all the beautiful leaves and daydreamed the entire morning about all the sweet pictures I was going to take of Lilly Belle! Matt did a fabulous job playing photographer.

After our little photo shoot, we took Lilly Belle to the pumpkin patch! We knew we weren't going to buy any pumpkins but were determined to get some adorable pictures of Lilly Belle and a few family pictures as well. People were so nice offering to take our picture everywhere we went. I was so happy with how those turned out as well.

We've spent the rest of the day loving on our sweet girl. She's currently napping in her crib (big deal around here). We're going to make the jump this week and will be putting her Moses Basket away. We're not ready for her to sleep in her own room yet so we're setting up her Pack n Play in our room until we feel ready (um...that may be never--Matt agrees). 

{We're pretty impressed at how cooperative Lilly Belle was for all of these...she had been up for 1.5 hours, fell asleep for the 10 minute car ride and then I woke her up. So, there weren't any smiles but she is still so stinkin' cute!}


  1. Those leaves are amazing!! I love all these pictures!

  2. chels these pics are so cute!! lilly is adorable. i love her shoes! she looks a lot like both of you. time goes too fast with these babies, its not fair. its fun to watch them grow! those leaves are amazing! so pretty

    1. Thanks, Mindee! So good to hear from you. I hope you and your family are doing well :)