Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mommy's Day Off

(Written 10-11-13)

Yesterday was a wonderful day!
I have Thursdays off right now and I got the whole day with my family. It doesn't get better than that!
Lilly slept from 10pm-5am (this is her usual now) and I stayed up with Matt after that. We watched Lilo and Stitch while she was sleeping and I worked until she woke up. Okay, so I never really have a day off lol, but I got a ton done before she woke up again.

Then, it was all play all day. We spent time with her while she played on her play-mat. We read her stories and she practiced her "standing" a ton. She loves to push her legs up when we're holding her so she feels like she's standing. She's so strong. Speaking of which...Matt had her up on his shoulder burping her and she lost head control and they bonked heads. Lilly was screaming, Matt was in a ton of pain. We quickly iced Lilly's head only to then realize Matt had a black eye. Yikes! 
(Okay, so that part of the day wasn't so wonderful lol...but only lasted maybe 10 minutes.)

Lilly Belle was super cuddly all day. We went to Alderbrook Mall, our new favorite hang out, and while we were there, she slept for an hour on me in the Ergo! Girlfriend is finally starting to like the carriers. Thank goodness because we are just weeks away from Disneyland now.

When we came home, she took a nap in my arms! This is huge too as usually she would prefer her basket or her Mamaroo to nap in. I always try to hold her but she usually just screams until we put her where she wants to be. (Stubborn). Not yesterday, so many cuddles. It really was the best thing.

I think she knew that I finally had a day off and she was soaking it up just as much as I was. 
Every second that she was awake, I had my full attention on her.

(Okay, okay...that's kind of a lie because when we were eating dinner I was watching the Season 2 finale of Pretty Little Liars and she woke up and I was only half focused on her as she was playing and hanging on her play-mat with Matt....Mommy needed just a little time) :)

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