Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday


1. "I'm leaving on a jet plane..."
Lillian Belle and I will be heading to WI to see my family December 5th-9th. It's been ridiculously heavy on my heart that she has not met my Dad so this morning, I just bit the bullet and bought those damn plane tickets. Matt won't be going with us for this trip, his final is that week, but I know I can do it. I got us some good seats on the plane and I should be fine. Lately she loves being all cuddled up and snuggling with me, so as long as I nurse her 5,000 times and just have a cozy blanket, those flights should be nothing. ; ) 

2. My Best Friends Wedding!
My BFF Micol is getting married! I am beyond excited for her and her fiancé, Kyle. They are perfect for each other and she has been wanting this for so long. I couldn't be happier for her them! I'm going to help her as much as I can even though I live so far away. I already created a secret board full of best friend wedding goodness! muah ha ha ha haaaa.... Yay weddings!

3. Found a Work/Home Balance
I'm not ready to reveal the plan publicly, but a ginormous weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Had to make some hard decisions, but they weren't so hard at all when it was so I can spend time with my baby girl. *sigh* I haven't felt so happy in a while. I've been pretty depressed this month with how much I've been working. It was crushing me. I feel none of that anymore knowing my time with Lilly Belle is so close now! Yahoo!

4. Weekend of Fun
Our weekend is jam packed with fun (in between me working everyday). Tomorrow is our Fall Feast Family Fun Day and we're going to the pumpkin patch first. I'm excited to get adorable pictures of Lilly in the pumpkins :) Sunday we are going to hang out at Melissa & Peters in the afternoon to visit with them and Katie & Adam as well. Then Sunday night we are heading to our friend Dan & Marianela's for dinner. Lilly will get to play with all of her friends in one day! 

5. Fa La La La La
The holiday season has officially arrived! Pumpkins, turkey then Santa! I love this time of year so freakin' much! And it's so much better this year with Lilly Belle getting into the spirit with her. I've started an Amazon wish list for her Christmas presents I want to buy her :) I'm going to start now to spread it out. Girlfriend has no toys really. Not for long!! 


  1. love those quotes girl...amen! and hiii from the linkup! excited to be your newest follower!! :)