Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Time My Best Friend Came To Visit!

First of all...whoa, I haven't blogged in weeks.
That makes me so sad and once again realize my life is too full right now (working on that).
I try to journal and take tons of pictures but haven't been able to nearly as much as I'd like. 

Lilly's finally starting to have a schedule, especially at night/bedtime so I know I have some time to write about this.

My best friend, Micol (Micky), came to visit us from Wisconsin and we had THE best time!
She just got engaged this week so it was so much fun talking about her and Kyle's wedding and sharing all that excitement with her. I am beyond excited for her and was so thankful she came here so we could have some time together. She wanted to meet Lillian and that was just so so nice of her to come here!

She was here Sunday night until Tuesday afternoon so short but sweet, but it was so much fun!
Every time we're together it's as if we were never apart. We've been best friends since 6th grade and I just love her so much. Lilly Belle loves her Auntie Micky too, she just was sick and had a fussy weekend. Micky got smiles out of her this morning and that was just awesome! :) 

Lilly Belle was in her most stylish outfit to meet her Auntie. I had to work all day and then came home and got Lilly as cute as could be. And me...well I just looked as cute as a new mom who worked all day can look lol. 

{Friends for 13+ years!} We took Micky to Mod Pizza & TCBY for dinner/dessert in the Highlands. I love TCBY for their dairy free fro-yo! Yay! It was so so great to catch up. I always laugh so much when we're together. I so needed these past few days :) I miss her already!!

When we got home, we kept Lilly's usual bedtime routine of feed-diaper-bath-pjs-feed-stories-songs-sleep and Micky got to hold her for the first time :) She still wasn't feeling well from our being sick on Friday so she wasn't too smiley...still cute though with her chubby little self lol. 
On Monday we had a late start getting out of the house and then headed to the city. We ate lunch at Red Robin on the waterfront and it was Lilly's first time eating out at a restaurant. She rocked it and I got to not only enjoy being with Micky but my soup/Clucks & Fries as well ;) Micky and I played a prank on Matt per our usual selves and we were all three laughing hysterically at the table. We probably looked like a bunch of crazies.  

Micky helped me attempt my first public diaper change (usually I go out to the car and do it in the trunk because I'm grossed out by the changing things in public restrooms SICK). So...we changed her on a blanket on the counter instead after we decided they probably clean that WAY more often :) A woman was very nice as she squeezed next to us to wash her hands lol. ... Notice: Lillian is obsessed with TV's. Oops! 

We parked up at Pacific Place so we had a nice walk back. 
I'm loving this little suit on LB. I just got it for $5 from a consignment sale and it's Old Navy. SO stinkin' cute! I also love how she got her thumb out so she could put it in her mouth....Cute little turkey butt!

Ha! I told Micky "Hey! People always climb on this and take pictures!" So she literally jumped on and then Matt was laughing and told us..."Um guys, that's a different pig up by the market." A couple did walk passed us looking at us kind of weird lol! 

Matt and I had never seen the Gum Wall before so it was fun to go over there together!

This morning we went to Starbucks and bought way too much food and Lilly had her biggest blow-out yet LOL. Then we recited lines from Bridesmaids while laughing hysterically some more (at ourselves) (as usual) LOL. We did our usual "what if" scenarios and just could not stop laughing! 

It really was such a fun weekend together. We stayed up just talking and laughed a TON. I wish so badly that we lived closer. I really really miss her! For the first time in a really long time, I actually thought about what it would be like to move back to the Midwest. (Don't get your hopes up though people) ; )

All the laughs I had with Micky this weekend were the biggest blessing I could have had right now. I know they healed me in a lot of ways and are making me a better mommy/wife too!
SUCH a good weekend!

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