Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lilly Belle: Two Months

Lilly Belle :: 2 Months Old

Of course I made her an Ariel bow for this photo shoot! (And for our upcoming trip to Disneyland)

Girlfriend is in love with her paci!

Here is what is new with our sweet Lilly Belle

Weight: 11 lbs. 2 oz. She is 50% for her weight, height & head measurement.

Health: Lilly Belle is overall a pretty healthy baby. Our only health issue as of yet is that she has a really sensitive tummy. Her reflux has gotten pretty bad and she is on Zantac to help with that. She hates the medicine because its peppermint flavored, but does a pretty good job taking it. Matt holds her and soothes her and I am the bad guy who has to give it to her, but then I always feed her right away so she gets the taste out of her mouth and then she's fine. She doesn't really cry, just fusses. Its kind of funny because she learned how to "blow bubbles" and tries to get it out by spitting. Smart baby. Her tummy still hurts her a lot and I can tell every now and then that it really bothers her because she still does a lot of coughing/choking/arching after feeding and sometimes during. Poor baby :( I am now cutting out all dairy out of my diet to see if that helps any. 

Sleep: We have had quite a few nights as of recent that our sweet girl has a 6-hour stretch of sleep when she goes down for bed. It is either from 9pm-3am or 10pm-4am. Then she will have a 3-4 hour stretch following that. It's amazing. She will still have a "every 2 hours" night here and there, but she is growing so much lately that its no surprise when that happens. We are really lucky. She started doing her long stretches when she was 7 weeks old. I hope it stays! She is almost ready for her crib. I mean, we are almost ready for her crib. Our plan is that when we get back from Disneyland, we will transition her to her crib. She did have a few nights in her Pack and Play when we stayed at the beach house, but other than that, at home she is in her Moses basket. We only put her in her basket when its bedtime so she knows the difference. Also, we now use the Snuza because she sleeps longer stretches. We love it!

Social: Lilly Belle is such a happy baby! We have smiles now. She smiled for the first time when she was around 6 weeks old. She smiles the most when she first wakes up and while we are changing her diaper. In the morning we get tons of play time with her and she now can stay awake for closer to an hour to and hour and a half before napping. She likes when we sit her in our laps and talk to her. She will now follow us with her eyes when we walk around the room. Especially Matt! If Matt is talking to her and then walks away, she will follow him until she can't see him and then will fuss until she can see him again. Girlfriend loves her daddy! She noticed Cogsy for the first time this month too and likes when he licks her toes. It doesn't bother her when he licks her face but we try to not let him do that. They're going to be buddies soon. Speaking of buddies, she had more playdates with her friends Owen, Makenna & Madison this month. Lilly & Makenna noticed each other for the first time when they were about 7 weeks and a few days old (they are 5 days apart). It was the cutest thing. They were touching hands and everything. Melissa and I loved it! 

Diet: She has still only had breast milk. I am so proud of us for this. Its like my mission right now to do whatever it takes to not give her formula. Its like my thing right now. I'm obsessed with breastfeeding. I love it so much. I have no problem feeding her anywhere. I have fed her in the car (parking lots), in the dining room at Ikea, at the mall a ton of times, in Melissa's car while she fed Makenna next to me lol, and at the studio. It doesn't bother me at all. We finally bought a cover the other day. I gave my first one to Marianela because I didn't think I needed one, but it's nice to have at the studio so the kids don't have to see me. Anyway, there have been so many times where formula would have been so easy to give to her, but I haven't because I know that breast milk is best for her and I don't care if its not as easy at times, I love knowing I'm giving her what is best. It also makes me nervous with her reflux so that has factored into no formula as well. 

Clothes: She wears all 0-3 and 3 month clothes now. They are definitely more snug than last month. She finally does not fit into her newborn pants as her legs are finally catching up and getting longer. We put away some of her 0-3 and 3 month clothes as we are now transitioned to Fall attire. She is a healthy little baby so it I'm sure she will be in 6 months before we know it. She has also transitioned to size 2 diapers. Size 1 diapers were way too small. Yikes! 

Baby Gear Love: She still loves her paci and her Aden & Anais swaddles. We now only swaddle her at bedtime though. She now takes her daytime naps in her Mamaroo 4moms bouncer or in her carseat if we are out and about. She still doesn't like being held in the baby carriers we have (Boba Wrap and Ergo) but we've been practicing so hopefully soon. She still sleeps with her Sound Sleeper app in her Moses Basket too. New this month is that she has spent a lot more time hanging out on her play mat and also loves to sit up resting in the Boppy. She will sit there and just look all around. Usually she sits in there for 10-15 minutes at a time. She loves going for walks in our Britax stroller as well! She is a bigger fan of the carseat now too since we have taken out her infant insert and adjusted it to a bigger setting with the straps. She loves it. 

Crying: She is such an easy going baby. She doesn't cry unless she is tired or hungry. She doesn't even cry for wet/soiled diapers. We just change her every time she wakes up, so about 8-10 times/day. She will still have her moments when she cries a lot but thats only when she is overtired. We know our limits with this though so this happens rarely. She will fuss when she wants her paci. We call it "Paci Duty" at night. We take turns putting it back in for her at night while she falls asleep for her "big sleep". It's worth it because now she sleeps for so long. We go in 10-minutes shifts to help her until she is sound asleep for the night. We were just talking about this saying, "man, if this is the hardest part of our day with her...we really can't complain about it!" She doesn't even need to be held for this, she is already in her basket and just gets frustrated when it falls out. No big deal. It's also sad because she is still just so close to getting her thumb so that frustrates her too. 

Likes: (same as last month) Paci, being swaddled, being held, eating, & most of all she loves getting her hair washed under the faucet in the sink. She loves to look at lights! Girlfriend was pumped at Ikea :) She likes when we touch her cheeks and her chin, it makes her smile a ton! She is a huge fan of the Mamaroo and car rides! Bath time is still her favorite. She cries when we take her out. We can't help but laugh because I'll go to take her out and her little lip gets all pouty before she cries. She loves it! She really likes to nap laying down next to us. I mean, I will be sitting on the couch watching "Pretty Little Liars" and she will nap curled up next to me on the couch :) She likes noise. She sleeps so well at the studio when the music is blasting. We have this little toy that makes baby laughing sounds and she will smile for that toy all the time, it's funny! 

Dislikes: Still doesn't like the baby carriers. That's all either of us can think of though really. She's pretty easy-going! Oh, she doesn't like when her bottles are still a little cold. Hates that. And I guess we could say she dislikes getting out of the bath :) 

Postpartum: I am feeling good. I feel more comfortable now when other people hold her and soothe her. Not 100%, but more than last month. I have been dancing full out again now, leaps, frog jumps and all. I still hate my "mommy pouch" and am determined to get rid of that. I am happy though that 2 weeks after she was born I bought a pair of size 8 jeans at Express and those are now falling off of me and I'm constantly pulling them up. I think I could definitely fit in a size 6 now. Definitely not my size 2 again, but I'm getting there. My goal is a 4 :)  Emotionally, I still get pretty emotional every now and then but that isn't really abnormal for me when I don't have crazy hormones lol. I'm a passionate person as it is so it is hard to tell what is hormones and what isn't. 

Milestones: She smiled for the first time on September 12, 2013 at 5 weeks and 4 days old. She also started her 6 hour stretches of sleep on September 22, 2013. Her neck control is fantastic! We are almost ready to have her sit in the Bumbo chair. When she is in her Boppy she tries to sit up. She has also pulled up holding onto my fingers a few times. I feel like she's too little for that though so I don't do it often, she likes it though. She can roll over to her side but I still think she's got a while before she makes it all the way over. I would count her ability to make so much eye contact a huge milestone as well. She has so much more interaction with us now. It has been so much fun watching her grow! Everyday brings something new and it is all so exciting! 

Nicknames: Lilly, Lilly Belle, Peanut, Peanut Butter, Sweet Girl, Little Bean, Pumpkin

My Sweet Lilly Belle, 
     You are my whole world right now. I would do anything to get to spend every minute with you. You have brought me nothing but joy and I cannot imagine my life without you. You are a girl who knows what she wants and I love that about you so much. I can already tell how strong and bold you are. You are going to do amazing things in your life, I know it. Your smiles could fill a whole room with joy. You may end up having your Daddy's sense of humor. The two of you already have the cutest bond, you just stare at him and follow him with your eyes, smiling at him wherever he goes. You love your Daddy and he sure does love you! The time I have spent being your Mommy has been the best 2 months of my whole life. There are moments when I'm feeding you or holding you and just become overcome with happiness, sometimes it even makes me giggle how happy you make me. I sing this to you all the time, but it is oh so true..."You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away..." The words to that song have never rang more true to me. You bring so much light to my life right now and I know your Daddy feels the same exact way. Thank you for picking us to be your Mommy & Daddy, you've made us parents and that is by far the best gift I've ever been given. I love you, my Peanut!

First nap in her crib.

Our little pumpkin!

Girlfriend plays hard!

Mommy got crazy and tried out the Bumbo...lasted about 3 minutes...oopsies :)

"Mommy..get this thing off of me!" {this picture is so Lilly lol}

This is what happens when she sees Matt. She seriously loves him so much! It melts me, too perfect!

This is one of my favorite pictures...her eyes!

Sweet girl with her first fever after her 2 month shots :'(

And ultimate cuteness...


  1. She is just so cute! My son HATED his Mamaroo and also hated car rides (at 2, he still hates car rides) so I say if I ever have another one, I want them to be able to enjoy the Mamaroo. I refuse to part with it, haha. I love her bow in the first photos!

    1. Oh no! That would be so tough. We are in the car all the time, I can't imagine her hating it. And thanks so much about the bow, I'm opening a new Etsy shop with Disney bows :)