Monday, February 11, 2013

Two Full Dance Weekends!

These past two weekends have been super busy with dance...and, I loved it! 
The best part, we get to do it all over again next month with two straight weekends of dance again.

February 1st & 2nd my girls attended their first competition as a studio team and they rocked it out!
We brought 10 routines and brought home 10 1st place trophies. I was so proud of them all. We ended our night as a team by going out to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and it was a lot of fun. 

{One of our small hip hop groups getting ready for their MC Hammer Mix}

{Happy kids!}

{The girls and all their awards!}

{Coach and some of the trophies lol}

This past weekend, my kids attended the Nuvo Dance Convention at the Westin Downtown Seattle. 
It was so much fun for me to watch them all learn from such amazing dancers and choreographers. I think the girls grew a lot this weekend and I'm so excited to make them do some crazy new things at practice tonight. I learn a lot at the conventions, too. The kids are surrounded all weekend by other kids who are incredible dancers and just watching them helps my kids grow. The girls even agreed and were excited about me adding a 2nd day of ballet next season. That will be 3 hours of ballet a week for them...these are hip hop kids...wanting ballet. Proud :)

{I love this, two of our littlest girls watching their big sisters during the Master Hip Hop class}

{Our girls are 2nd/3rd/4th in from left}

{Ready for the weekend!}

{After an awesome hip hop class with Ivan!}

Matt and I had fun staying at the Westin all weekend with Cogsy. We got done with dance by 3 on Saturday so Matt and I walked around Pikes Place and had dinner at PF Changs. It was a fun date night :) ...a date night that may have ended with my husband asking if I wanted to watch the competition and then staying in there with me watching it for 2 hours. Best husband ever! Our kids didn't compete at Nuvo this year because it's super intense competition. We're thinking some may be ready next year though! 

February, March & April have been dance months my whole life and now it's happening again and I love it. Except this time, I'm the Director and get to watch all these amazing kids grow. Pretty cool. 

Next month we have another competition with another convention at the Westin the following weekend. Another two weekends in hotels :) So much fun! 

Then we have our last convention at the Westin in April. We're going to plan some fun things for the next two so we have some cool dates to go on.

Now I can't wait for practice tonight!!!  

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