Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy

The song my Dad sang to me every night at bedtime and now the song I sing to Lilly Belle every night at her bedtime. Perfect song for this perfect day!

We didn't get to do Lilly's 6 month photo shoot at the Seattle Public Library like I was hoping for so I tried to channel Jessica (my friend/our family photographer) and did the best I could today while we were at the library :) (Maybe we'll do an 8 month shoot instead...)

Need to frame this one...

Matt stuck his tongue out like this when he was little - she has so much of her daddy in her!

Relaxing day in the sunshine and 60 degree early March day...

First time in the grass. She was so interested and touched it the whole time she was sitting here.

Her eyes.

My recital assistant helping mommy pick out costumes at Target :) 

Cutest assistant in the world.

Lol, thought I got some good pictures of them playing but they were all crazy like this. Playtime with Papa before they leave for Ireland tomorrow!

Ended the night with carrots - who needs a bib? psh.

Seriously, I had a moment tonight looking at these pictures where I wanted to just cry. Almost did. Today was just everything I've dreamt of being a mom. I had so many sweet moments with my sweet Lillian and I wouldn't trade them for the world! Perfect sunshine on our shoulders day.

{ Dad, do your ears ring at night? We talk about you and think about you a ton! }

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  1. Those pictures made my day!! I know the feeling you talked about!