Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lilly Belle 10 Months : Just Pictures

Lilly loves coming with me to dance class. She loves music, dancing & being around all the kids. This photo was taken while she was watching the kids practice their hip hop routine.

Lilly went to her first baseball game and we got to sit in fun seats with free food because it was for Uncle Chris's work. Girlfriend stayed up until 11pm...would not go to sleep. She was perfectly happy just hanging out. Angel baby.

Piggies at the park. Lilly is still super observant! Sometimes we just go to the park, sit in the grass & watch the kids when we're done swinging. She loves waving at everyone and listening to the kids.

Besties. These two are always next to each other. She wakes up from her naps saying "dog dog" ... he walks past her room while I'm nursing her and it's all over "dog dog! dog dog! dog dog!" 

Her favorite is to go for doggy rides around the living room. I hold onto her and he walks around the room and she belly laughs. He doesn't even care,  he just licks her to death when we're all done. It's hilarious. (Note* this was a day where she had a tantrum every time I changed her so we have an unbuttoned onesie with no pants. Also...her sweater used to be her Auntie Cirrah's) :) 

This girl cannot get enough of macaroni and cheese!

Silly girl in her toy corner. She took all her toys out and then shortly after got super frustrated being surrounded and not really sure how to escape it all. 

Super concentration!

When she's really trying to do something...the tongue comes out (just. like. her daddy)

Playdate with her buddies :)

Lunch date with Daddy at U-Village

Learning how to go "cheeeeese"!

Playtime in Kids Cove at the mall aka: germ city 

Silly baby!

She does this everyday. 

Big girl in her Tinkerbell chair :) 

I cannot believe how much she has changed in just one month! 
Love this girl!!

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