Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Vacation Has Arrived!!

Guys! It's finally here! I'm officially off for the summer with my little bestie! 
Eek, I cannot contain my excitement. (Well...can I ever? No.) But, seriously. 

And, if we want to get technical...I'm still teaching Creative Movement classes 2 hours a week at the preschool & will be visiting my summer camps everyday where I will probably end up teaching and dancing because I cannot resist. But--- AH! I'm "off" and get to play super mom everyday. So cool!

Remember that Bucket List I made for Lilly Belle & I?
We have already checked off a few of the items on that list. She is at such a fun age right now and I am soaking up every-single-second of her littleness. Yes, littleness. 

Here is the list again in case you forgot what was all on it ;)

Items we have crossed off include:

-Going swimming (twice already!) We went alone one evening when it was super nice out and we needed to get out of the house. Lilly Belle enjoyed lounging in the kids chairs and playing with a sweet neighbor girl named, Alice (how cute is that name?!) We also went swimming with Daddy, Uncle Clint & Auntie Mel a couple weekends ago. We love our pool and feel lucky that we have one this summer. (*getting technical again- it's our apartment pool but whatevs)

-Painting! You can read my post tomorrow all about Lilly's first painting experience. Here is a sneak peak....

-Of course, we have been reading :)

On Wednesday we will be able to check off "Visit Wisco Family" & while we are there I am sure we can check off "Wisconsin Dells" and visiting the zoo!

So much fun ahead of us! 

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