Saturday, November 22, 2014

Right here, at home.

Um...just kidding?

In true Matt & Chelsea style - we've changed our minds. 
We are NOT moving.

We are staying put.
Right here at home.

I don't want to live without my husband. I want our family together. 
We will work our behinds off to make it work and per my usual, I've already got a plan.
An amazing, awesome, I'm so excited for this, plan. A plan that is already well into action. Duh. 

Can we all just laugh at this whole changing of our minds? 

I'm looking forward to not having to miss our friends, my favorite walks and parks with Lilly Belle, our zoo, Seattle, our mall, our grocery store, my favorite Starbucks, our pediatrician, and so much more.

Lilly Belle will start soccer in a few months here, at home. She is registered for her first dance class that begins in January here, at home. We will love on our sweet friends Chris & Katie's new baby here, at home. We have made some new friends that we are excited about growing with here, at home. 

And most importantly of all...we will be together. 
We need and love each other. That is why we are married and that is why we have our sweet, 
Lilly Belle. 

Life will be perfect; right here in our cozy 1 bedroom with a den apartment. 
I've decorated more for Christmas today knowing that we aren't going to be moving and tearing down decorations the second Christmas is over. 

We will finish our lease here through May and then see where life leads us. 

Matt and his Dad joked that I need PR help just for my social media/blog. 
They're probably right. But, it is my social media/blog and I've always been open with all my friends and family. I always try to keep it real. No ones life is perfect and everyone goes through things. I'm not embarrassed that we told everyone we were leaving. Now that I have told my friends and dance families we are staying, it actually opened my eyes to realize how much love we have here. 

I think we've made a great decision and I think it took us planning to leave to realize where we belong. 

Right here, at home.

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  1. I need to email you :) I hope you are doing better! Here's my email if you get to it sooner. :)