Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lilly Belle | 15 Months

(This post was written on November 4th when Lilly Belle turned 15 months. I never got around to the picture part...but now she is almost 16 months so I'm just posting this for my own memories of things she did and said. Sorry for no photos this time!)

15 months! Holy cow! Lilly Belle is such a joy to be around. We love her to pieces and I seriously just want to squeeze her all the time. I feel like I'm always saying this, but I love this stage. I always have, even when I nannied. It is even more fun to experience this age with my own child though. She is learning so many new things and able to do so much more now. I love it! 

Look Who's Talking!
I don't know that I can write down every word that Lilly Belle can say...there are seriously too many to remember. She just talks now. We hear a lot of, "I wanna see," "there you go," and "what is that?" She also says, "I don't wanna!" And she is great at saying, "No!"
She still says all her words from last month. This month she learned her hard "K" sound and now pronounces, "milk," and "book," perfectly clear pronouncing each letter of the word. She is also now starting to differentiate between Mick-ay and Minn-ay! Matt is pretty excited about that. Her favorite new Disney words to say are "Elsa," "Ariel," (which is pronounced so clearly and adorably), and "Olaf" which you wouldn't know is "Olaf" unless you see her pointing to it.

And for my vocabulary list I created while listening to her the past few are her NEW words:
*Food (Oof)*Phone (Ohph)*Walk(alK)*Shoes(Oosh)*Knock Knock*Book(booCK)*Milk*Nurse

The Magic Words
Lilly Belle continues to do well with her manners. She says, "Thank you," and has gotten a lot better at signing "Please." She signs "More Food" as well, putting the two signs together.

What's New?
This month we continued to spend so much time at Kids Club & she finished out her Busy Bees session. We have found that Lilly Belle has a very sensitive side and gets her feelings hurt quite easily. She gets very sad, not like screaming and crying sad, but like legit sad, when another child will push her, tell her "No!" or ignore her. It has been interesting to watch her grow emotionally that way. We are working on teaching her to stick up for herself but know it is something that she will learn as she continues to grow. She is just so ahead of the game when it comes to her social skills that she has a hard time understanding because she does understand so much. Does that make sense?

Lilly Belle is getting to be a lot more brave when we go to the park. Maybe a bit too brave? She is now going down slides by herself (after being reminded to sit on her bottom as she will just try to run down - terrifying!) She still gets nervous on the swings but loves to climb.

Lilly Belle really likes to "alk!" (walk)
She asks for it whenever we are anywhere. She just wants to be walking - so independent. Surprise, surprise.

Our Little Bookworm! And Play, Play, Play!
Girlfriend loves her books! She would sit and read her books for an hour if we let her. She will bring us book after book from her basket. If you read her a book, you are in. Lately, we find her just sitting by herself reading her books. She also likes to read to herself in the car, she even points at the words. Smarty pants.

On the topic of reading and her being able to look at her books for long periods of time, she will also sit and play with her Lego's forever and has gotten great at putting them together to build towers. She sat for 30 minutes the other day playing quietly with them.

She also loves to look at all of our Disney Blu-Rays. She takes them all off the shelf and studies them all. She is also all about the Disney Burbaum Guides. She asks for us to read them to her all day err day ;) 

Watch Me Grow!
Weight: 18.5 lbs (15%)
Height: 29 in (23%)

7/7:30amam - Up for the day / Nurse (for like 2 minutes) / Breakfast
9am - Get dressed & play or errands or kids club
10:30am - Snack
12/1pm - Nurse / Afternoon Nap (1-2 hours) with lunch before or after depending on the day
3:00/3:30pm - Snack
5:00pm - Nurse / Evening Nap
6:00pm - Dinner / Bath / PJs & Hair / Story / Nurse & Songs / Bedtime

Lilly Belle sleeps through the night now so we are nursing much less.
Just about 3-4 times/day now and always for a very short amount of time. In the morning I nurse her but don't think she needs it. Then she will nurse before each nap and before bed.
I have a feeling we will be done nursing in a few months. We'll see.

This month has been an exciting one. She is changing so much everyday!

We love you, Lilly Belle!

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