Saturday, December 27, 2014

Belle Belle

(written early December 2014)

Lilly Belle is at my favorite age right now.

I loved this age with my siblings. I loved this age when I nannied. And, I love this age even more with my own child.

I really need to start blogging just about random cuteness because I'm sure I'll forget it all with my awesome memory. 

Today, I taught 4 classes, but in between time I had a lot of time just playing at home with Lilly Belle. We ate breakfast together, played, ran some errands, played and played some more.
While I was doing the laundry, Lilly Belle came running to me all excited to show me that she figured out how to put one of my hair ties on her wrist. I said, "Oh fun, Lilly Belle! You're just like Mama!" For a good 5 minutes, she ran around all proud holding onto the hair tie repeating, "Jus-lie Mama! Jus-lie Mama!" I melted. 

One of my friends, Casie, is so kind and has been giving Lilly Belle a ton of her girls too small clothes and loved toys. One of the most recent toys, is the Little People Klip Klop Stable. Lilly Belle has been playing with it everyday non-stop. She talks to the ponies, makes them "walk" around and even puts them to sleep in the stalls. She played with this for at least 2 hours today. Not all at once, but easy 30-minute increments. It is so much fun to just watch her imagination grow. 

Today, she also did her first puzzle. We play with the puzzle pieces often, but I've never asked her to actually try to do it. I'd say she did pretty well for her first try!
(Gifted to us from Casie as well!...Thank you!) 

While I was nursing Lilly Belle last night, I asked her, "Hey, what's your name?" She immediately, without any hesitation, looked up and said, "Belle Belle," and then continued to nurse as if I was silly for even asking. Belle Belle. She is so sweet. 

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