Sunday, December 28, 2014

One Sweet Sunday.

Today was a great day.

So much play time happened. 
I love days when we are just all together as a family.

I tried to document all of today's goodness.

We woke up this morning to our sweet happy and energetic girl wanting to play with her new toys. We had eggs and toast for breakfast and took turns playing while we got ready for church.

Lilly Belle loves to play with her purse.

She discovered the goodness that is her dress up station this morning and really wanted to be a "dog dog" and so she was. She was thrilled.

She totally got it and wanted to show Cogsy right away that they were now both "dog dogs!" 

Then it was off to church.
Lilly Belle screamed and cried when we dropped her off at Sunday School. We have not been to church in a while and it was unfamiliar to her. I give her a few more weeks and she'll be fine again. When we picked her up, she was happily playing with some baby dolls. 

Church today was great. I loved the message. It's never too late to change was the basics of the message. Matt and I both left feeling rejuvenated. 

Lilly Belle fell asleep in the car. She woke up when we got home and we ate a quick lunch. 
She took a nap and while she napped Matt rested because he has a sinus infection and I ran a few errands and studied.
When she woke up, it was back to playing and more dress up.
This time, it was Tinkerbell...

And then, she insisted on wearing both Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse at the same time. 
We colored on her huge Doc McStuffins coloring pages, played with Mr. Potato Head and I cleaned a ton. We played outside for a bit. It was cute, she was crying and tantruming and we couldn't quite understand what she wanted. So she grabbed my hand, walked me into our room (first time she had done that) and went straight to our bedroom patio door and tapped on the glass crying, "outSIDE, outSIDE!" it. So, we played outside. In the rain. 

Tinkerbell Minnie Mouse wanted stories from Daddy, but only if she got to lay on him like this while he read them to her. She didn't want to sit up. So sweet.

Tonight at dinner, Matt reached across the table to hold my hand. Lilly Belle stopped eating, looked at us and then reached for both our hands. We each held her hand and then she looked up at us and said, "Aye-MEN." We have been praying more with her so it was so sweet. And then it was a game so we prayed a lot at dinner tonight. I'm sure God enjoyed it as well ;) 

It was a great Sunday. 

Tonight we had an interesting bedtime....
We got her bubble bath for Christmas and tonight we thought it would be fun to fill the bath up more than usual and give her lots of bubbles. That was a mistake. She was terrified of the bubbles, so I got in the tub with her. 

Then we got her jammies on and she wanted Daddy to read a book to her. So he did.
Then it was time to nurse and have songs with me.
I started to nurse and sing to her and she was getting frustrated. She was pushing on my chest and turning all around trying to get milk (I'm assuming). Then she just stopped, looked up at me and asked for a book. So I read her two books. When I was done reading, she "read" The Little Mermaid to me. It was adorable. She "talked" for each page. When it got to the page of Ursula taking Ariel's voice, Lilly Belle just sang "ahh ahh ahhhh ah ahh ahhhh". 
Then I lay her down for bed and she never asked for milk.
Strange considering just earlier today I wrote my post about weaning...

I really want to start blogging about normal days like today. It was perfect. 

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