Monday, November 30, 2015

Is Jesus In Your Heart?

This is a time with Lilly Belle that I never ever want to forget. The good, and the bad. Because, really, the bad isn't so bad at all and we are extremely blessed. This morning I was laying in bed at 6am with my sweet little girl all snuggled close to me and all I could think about was that I wish I could just bottle it all up. Then I realized that I really need to start blogging again. I loved having this blog as a place to bottle her all up when she was a baby and I wish I never stopped. I wish I didn't have such a big gap between her turning one, and now. This year has been incredible with her. She has so much spirit and is such a strong little girl. I never want to forget the adorable things she is saying or the things she does that make our hearts melt.

Her newest thing is to wake up every morning at 6am. We hear her crib squeak, and then her door creak. Then our door slowly swings open for us to see an adorable two year old little girl (so not a baby anymore) standing in our doorway with her new dinosaur blanket from Nana draped over her shoulders and her pillow dragging behind. Then she asks quietly while gently rubbing my face (still thinking I'm sleeping), "Mama, can I sleep in your bed?" I pull her up to snuggle in between us. Usually Matt is still sleeping and Lilly Belle just gets more and more awake with every passing minute. She'll say, "snuggle me mommy, snuggle me," as she tries her best to wrap my arms around her so she's all snuggled in close to me.

She usually ends up waking Matt with some story to tell or question to ask. This morning's question was absolutely adorable. She placed her hand on my chest. She tried to put her hand in my shirt. I thought she was trying to touch my breast like she did when she used to nurse so I said, "Lilly Belle, no, that's not okay, we don't put our hands in peoples shirts." She looked up at me and said, "No mommy, I'm trying to feel your heart." So she put her hand on my chest over my heart and then asked, "Is Jesus in there?" ...I told her, "yes baby, Jesus is in my heart. He's in your heart too. And Daddy's." So then she pushed Matt a bit to wake him up, and whispered to him, "Daddy, do you have Jesus in your heart? Let me check, okay." She then touched his chest where she believed his heart to be and leaned in close to listen.

It was such a sweet moment and one that I really never ever want to forget.

Our days are so incredibly busy. If we're not at Stroller Strides, we're at dance class, and if we're not at Stroller Strides or dance class, you can guarantee we are at Disney or the park. Our house is a constant tornado. I feel like I can never keep up.

But then, I remember moments like this morning, and wish I could just slow down with her for a bit. There is nothing glorious about busy. It's in the quiet morning hours that we have our most special time together. It might be 6am and I might be exhausted. And some mornings, once Matt gets up with her, I might fall back asleep until he has to get ready for work, but it is all so worth it. Lilly Belle makes everything in life so much better. I wouldn't trade being her mommy for anything in the world. She makes my heart so happy. She is such a special little girl. I cannot wait to see who she becomes and what she does in this world. Well... then again, I can. Time is going so fast. She's already made a difference in the world by just being here and just being her. She makes so many people happy.

I love you, my sweet Lilly Belle.


  1. How sweet! You made me tear up a bit. My two month old is sleeping on me now & I know before long he will be two 2 years old climbing in bed. I'm so glad you mentioned how special it has been for you to "bottle her up" here! It makes me realize how important it is to write it all down.

    1. Hi Megan! I just saw this comment :) How sweet that you have a precious new baby, congratulations, Mama! Bottle all of that sweetness up forever!!