Monday, November 2, 2015

Sunday Fun-Day!

The morning after Halloween, Lilly Belle was up super early because of Daylight Savings. Right away, we went to check if the Switch Witch had arrived, and Lilly Belle was thrilled to see that she had left her some Palace Pets toys under her witches hat in place of Lilly Belle's candy she set out the night before.

Animal Kingdom was also open early so...we decided to go with it! Parking is super easy at Animal Kingdom and she's obsessed with the Festival of the Lion King show so we were pretty excited about our morning.

When we got there we went straight for breakfast at Rainforest Café. Lilly Belle and I had the waffles which were surprisingly delicious. Usually we eat there knowing the food is just okay and that it's just fun to be in the atmosphere of it all. I was pretty pleased this time. We will do breakfast there again - it wasn't crowded and it was yummy.

After breakfast, it was time to head into the park. I'm getting so used to us going that I don't even take pictures every time...that's nuts!

We had an extra magical morning when Lilly Belle was chosen to dance around in the Festival of the Lion King! She's scared to go alone so I got to go with her. Matt got it all on video, and it was amazing! I was for sure more excited than she was.

After a few attractions/shows, it was time to go home for lunch and nap time. Lilly Belle got super cranky and tantrumed on our way out of the park - like major tantrum. She took a nap and I got some work done (always working on Sundays).

Matt and I then decided it was the perfect day to go mini golfing with her, so we headed to where we had our first date and played mini golf at Disney's Winter Summerland Mini Golf! She loved it so much!! We will for sure be going back to do that often. Most likely a bunch this winter when it's cooler out. We love mini golf because it reminds us of our first date. It was special to have her there with us where our family started.

We ended our Sunday Funday by going to Beaches & Cream for ice cream at Disney's Beach Club Resort. Another favorite of ours! We then came home for dinner and that was that :) Super fun day!! 

We love our life here!

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