Thursday, December 6, 2012

Delicious New Recipes

Matt has given me free reign all week to pick what we have for dinner.
No questions asked...Oh man I have been loving it so much. And to his surprise, he has been loving our new recipes too. Of course, I found them all on Pinterest. I thought they were too good to not write about. So here you have it, 3 delicious new recipes with the links too!

We will definitely make this recipe again. We are huge fans of salmon but never make it at home. I just bought a frozen bag of salmon for $10.00 at QFC. We can make this meal 3 more time with how much salmon we got. We did not make it with green beans because Matt hates them, so we did asparagus instead. I can't wait to eat this again!

I definitely want to attempt this again. Next time I make it, I will blend it longer in the food processor and add more vegetable broth. I loved the flavor but was having a hard time with the texture. Ours turned out more like a porridge. Matt loved it and scarfed it down. I ate mine slowly as I had to get past the texture. I loved knowing how healthy it is though and that my hubby was scarfing something this healthy for us. That's all that really matters to me :) 

Oh. Em. Gee! 
This was delicious. We just had it tonight. Matt made it while I was coaching and I came in the door wanting to just jump in the pot, lol. The smell was so amazing. It tasted just as good. Again, Matt scarfed it down but also said, "We definitely need to make this again!!" Fine with me :) 

Hmmm....what to make tomorrow night??? Time to look through my pins :) 

Tomorrow is one of our last days watching Miss Avery :( 
I want to do some fun Christmas activities this weekend. I told Matt that if it's not raining I want to go to Seattle's Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition!! How fun?! 
We'll see...


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  1. Lol at "jump in the pot". All those recipes sound really good! I love pinterest for recipes. I try to make something new every week and I haven't had too many failures.