Sunday, December 16, 2012

Recital & Cookie Bake Day!

This weekend started off pretty busy.
Friday night was my 2012 Holiday Recital for one of our Community Center programs.
It was my smoothest recital yet. Just 35 minutes long and I only had to coax one child onto the stage (meaning I carried her onto the stage and didn't let her go until she felt okay) : ) 
I had such a great time and so did all the kids and the families.
It was a nice way to end such a sad, sad day. I soaked up every moment of seeing all of those parents who got to hold their babies all night and feel so proud of them. I said many prayers on Friday for all the sweet little angels that will now never be able to have their first recital. So heartbreaking.

Yesterday was our 2012 Lanese Family Cookie Bake Day and also our White Elephant Gift Exchange. I really, really am not a fan of white elephant (not what Christmas is about), but I do love cookies and spending time with our family. 
The family enjoyed playing "Spoons". I didn't partake in this game because everyone gets a little too violent and I know I would just get mad. I got some really funny pictures, though. 

Clare all ready to decorate some cookies!

We got Quenton a broom for Christmas and he was so excited :) 

Clare has learned to tie knots, lol.

Clare unwrapped all the kisses for me and then chose to eat one of the cookies we made as her treat. She loved it :) 

While everyone played Spoons I enjoyed cookies and milk :) 

Looks like a nice peaceful game of Spoons....


Today we got a lot of house errands done and it feels good. We donated 2 full bins of things to Goodwill and brought about twice that amount of dance items from our apt to the studio. It feels better in here now. Tomorrow we have two more piles to tackle, garbage and storage unit. We also need to clean our car out tomorrow before our big road trip. 
I also took a 3-hour nap today and it was awesome! Now I'll never be able to fall asleep. I'm glad I don't teach until 4pm tomorrow. 

Just 3 more days and we leave on our road trip for WI and...we have severe snow warnings tonight. The pass is currently closed. We are expecting this to be one long trip. Today we went to the library and got The Hunger Games audio books to listen to so I stay awake for Matt. I am known to be the world's worst co-pilot, I always fall asleep in the car. I could fall asleep in the car from the grocery store home. No really, sometimes I do. I'm getting so excited to go see my family. Less than one week from today and I'll get a "Family Hug"! Can't wait!!

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