Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Eve/Christmas 2012

*Written while we were in WI*

We have been having a blast with my family. 
The kids are all getting older now and this trip we can really feel that. They're all doing their own thing and then when it's time, we can all be together and really have fun. Cody, Caleb & Matt have been playing video games, Cirrah and Cylie have been dancing machines and I've got a lot of time to just chill in the kitchen and living room to just chill with my mom and dad. 

Christmas Eve was great this year.
My Auntie Torri (Dad's sister), Uncle Curt, my cousins (Gabby, Jacob & Marina) and my Grandma H. all came over for Christmas Eve dinner and gifts together. We always spend Christmas Eve with them. Gabby was so excited to see me and I loved how much time she wanted to spend with me. She's already 5 and in Kindergarten! I can't believe it. 

We got to show them our wedding video which was special because none of them got to be there. My Grandma had not seen any pictures either so she was blown away. She asked me what our last name was and I told her it was Italian. She said, "Ooo, you married a hot Italian guy!" Ha! Earlier while watching our video she also told Matt, "Oh wow! You're a good kisser, I can tell!" Hehe. She had tons of awesome comments all night. Good for lots of funny stories. She also had some not so nice ones but overall it was good lol.

Cirrah was so excited for Santa to arrive all night. She had such a hard time last night getting everyone to just "Go to bed!" We all played Disney Scene It before bed and Cody won. Boo. Once all the kids were sleeping we put all the presents out. I was exhausted! I went to bed before everyone else. Matt, Cody and my parents stayed up until 3am watching Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Now they're all exhausted today. I am too after all the turkey I had for dinner tonight, mmmm. 

This morning was a blast because Cirrah still believes in Santa. Caleb totally plays along for her (even though he's younger than she is). It's very sweet. My mom would make a slip saying, "Oh, we had a hard time finding that..." and Caleb would say, "You mean SANTA did....riiiiiigggghhhhhttt!" Such a good boy. We all had a very nice Christmas and my parents did a great job making the kids so happy. They each got a little tablet. They think they are just the coolest things around :) 

(our poor puppy Tobey doesn't have much longer...Cody fell asleep with him on his lap...so sad, we've had him since I was 11.)

This evening my Auntie Torri, Uncle Curt and Marina came back over here for Christmas dinner. We pretty much had Thanksgiving dinner. My mom did that because she knows Matt doesn't like ham (even though we always have ham....little butt). It was fun spending time with them again. We're going to go snow tubing with them on Friday so we'll get to see them one more time before we leave! : )

It's been fun having Cogsworth with us here. My family loves having him here with us. He's been so good. He's having fun playing with my parents dogs. 

It's been a great trip, I'm going to be sad to go.


We had a very nice trip with my family :)

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