Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Neverland Nursery: Sneak Peak #1

Matt and I decided when we were only dating for about 2 or 3 months that when we had kids our first baby's nursery would be decorated with a Peter Pan theme. We love what it stands for (in our opinion) believe in yourself, stay young at heart always, have fun and I always add (to love your mommy) hehe...that's what I'll tell them anyways ; )

When we first envisioned the Peter Pan nursery we always thought we would model it after the Darling Children's Nursery. Then, once we started actually trying to have a baby and it became real, our view on it changed a bit. The part of the movie we love most is when they are actually in Neverland. That Peter never wants to grow up. I've also always had a love for Tinkerbell. We watch the movie together all the time and are now so excited to put all our plans for this room into action! 

No matter if our baby is a boy or a girl, the wall color and mostly everything will be the same for either. The color of the walls is made by Benjamin Moore and is called "Four Leaf Clover". Its a very lively, fresh & spunky color. I always say it reminds me of when you try to color frosting green but can never get it dark enough :)

I purchased large sheets of paper from Moxie Paper at our mall probably 9 months ago. The paper is a wood grain print. Brown background with white ridges. We will frame these in white frames for a pop. We have 3 and each are about 20x24. They will hang above the changing table. This part of the room ties in The Lost Boys and their amazing forts in the forest! 
{sorry this picture is blurry, I just googled woodgrain wrapping paper to find the one we have}
We went a little crazy after our first ultrasound and purchased every character plush from the Peter Pan movie at the Disney Store (Peter, Mr. Smee, Captain Hook, Wendy, John, Michael, Tick Tock & a few lost boys). We got them all but Tinkerbell because they didn't have it but Papa L bought it for us a few days ago :) I did see at the Disney Store that they now have Nana the dog too, but I really think we may have enough now ; ) You can find the plush characters at We also bought a Peter Pan snow globe. Here is a YouTube video I found of it lol. 

I absolutely love Mary Blair's concept art for the movie Peter Pan and Matt and I decided to use the book pages as wall art for above the crib. We chose our 6 favorites that we will hang in large white frames above our espresso colored crib. I ordered the book while we were in WI for Christmas and it came in the mail a few weeks ago. I love it! I like that it is abstract art. Love, love, love!
I've been stuck in the house with a cold and fever all day so I bought a few things we've been dreaming about from Etsy! I've had these items in my Favorites for probably 2 years now. 

Our Peter Pan Shadow Wall Decal from Etsy. You can find it here
We were really excited about ordering this. 

I also purchased our DIY Mobile today. I am so excited that its a DIY project I can make for our baby. The kit comes with all the stars, the hoop, string, beads and ribbon but I got to choose our colors. I chose three different teal blues. You can find this kit here

We have tons more picked out already including the crib & dresser. I'll post about those more when we're 100% and they're ordered. 

My mom is coming to visit us in March and that is when we'll paint the nursery & put up the decals. I'm so excited!!!