Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our Diaper Decision

I am so excited to be a mommy and to have so many amazing new adventures.
I can't wait to wake up every single day knowing I have a beautiful little person who loves me and needs me and wants me to just cuddle with them all the time. I want to do whatever I can to be "Super Mom" for them and in doing so, here is a little about one of our many adventures we will take together as a family...cloth diapering! 

I have made my decision We have made our decision...we are going to be a cloth diaper family! I have wanted to do this for so long. I said I was going to, people said I wouldn't last, I gave up the dream (lol), re-thought about it, researched it, realized I could rock at this, realized Matt can also rock at this...we're doing it! Yay! 
This is something that is growing on Matt. He's so open to learning about it and every time he comes over to watch another youtube video with me learning about them it makes me feel so lucky to have him as a husband. His exact words were "I will support whatever you want to do for this." We are doing cloth diapers for one huge reason...saving money! I will write more about this later. I'll probably have lots of posts about our cloth diaper craziness and fun (and cute pictures in just 6.5 months of an adorable cloth diaper butt..Eeeee!!!)

I have a few things off the bat that I already have learned and know I will do and things I will not do. 

We WON'T use cloth diapers until after the umbilical cord falls off.

We WILL use disposables while on vacations such as Disneyland. Trips to WI for example...we will use cloth while we're there. 

We WON'T use disposables just because we're leaving the house...we have learned that cloth can be just as easy with the right tools in your diaper bag. 

We WILL purchase a diaper sprayer to attach to the toilet for the extra yucky ones.

We WON'T make people watching our children use the cloth diapers.

We WILL use both "All in Ones" and "Two in Ones". All in ones are just that, they are just a diaper made from cloth. You put it on just like a regular diaper, velcro and all. Only difference is you have to wash it instead of throwing it away. These will be what we put on them right after they have pooped. When we start to know our baby's schedule of pooping (trust me, I know there will be surprises too I'm not that dumb), we will use the two in one diapers for those. A two in one diaper is a cloth diaper with an insert inside for extra absorbency. We will also use these at night time. At night you can actually add 2 or 3 cloth inserts to the diaper to avoid any leaks. 

I am going to keep record of how much money we spend on this penny for penny. I want to see if we truly will be able to save close to $2,000.00/year like I've read. We have savings and I don't want to lose that. We've talked and our goal will be to only buy one small/regular sized bag of disposable diapers for each size our child is in. 

At first my hesitations were the following:
*What happens when they poop? Gross! ....Solution: sprayer on toilet. easy.
*Do you have to wash them everyday?....Answer: No. Every 3 days is fine.
*Will they stink up the room in the wet bag?... Answer: Not any more than your Diaper Genie.

I'm all in on this. I can't wait to order some cute little diapers. I'm going to buy a few this afternoon. I just have a few more things I need to read up on before I make the purchases. 
So far BumGenius, Charlie Banana, gDiapers & Fuzzibunz are high on my list. 

I am so excited about this. It will be so much fun to be a mom and have something so big and new to learn. I won't have that awkward first week as a mom where you're like, "Oh my I have NO clue what I'm doing" I have been around, taken care of newborns SO many times, they don't scare me a bit.  I was sad about that a little. This will make up for that I'm sure :) 

You think we're crazy now....this is only the beginning! 
My dad is so confused about me lately lol...tofu? cloth diapers? Ha. 
I love this!


  1. Great choice! I'm loving cloth, I still need to do a post about our adventures with cloth thus far. Definitely look into buying them through Diaper Junction, I just ordered 15 BG 4.0s and they were only $15.80 each because I bought bulk 12 and used the 10% back towards 3 more with free shipping!

    My mom keeps saying that "you must not be my child" to me because of our choice to cloth but really it's so easy!

    1. Oo that's great to hear. I'll look at Diaper Junction now. I'm just starting my research on all of this. BG looks great. I also like gDiapers so you can remove the cloth insert and still sometimes have a clean diaper. (I nannied for a family who used them but used the disposable inserts). Hmmm...Too many choices!