Thursday, January 17, 2013

10 Weeks!

Whoa baby! 

How Far Along? 10 weeks

How Big is Baby? Our sweet baby is now the size of a kumquat. We weren't sure what a kumquat looked like so I googled it of course. I have posted a picture of its size at the bottom of this post. I was pleasantly surprised at how big it is! Yay Little Bean, grow baby grow!

Total Weight Gain: 8ish lbs. 

Maternity Clothes? I now have two new pair of maternity jeans and love wearing them. So comfy!

Stretch Marks? Eek! I need to remember to use my cocoa butter. I'm so afraid of stretch marks. I thought I saw some yesterday on my tummy but my skin was just dry, phew! I think I will be one of the unlucky ones who gets them no matter what. 

Sleep: I sleep great lately! I just need more of it. Poor Matt is unfortunately not sleeping so well because I guess I'm all over the place. I also have some crazy intense dreams!

Best Moment this Week: Announcing to the world that we're having a baby!

Miss Anything: Tuna!!!!! 

Movement: I wish :)

Food Cravings: I want tuna all the time. I wish I could eat tuna sandwiches every meal, everyday. It actually makes me feel like crying right now (no joke). Not fair that the one thing I want so bad is something you're not supposed to eat while pregnant. My mouth is watering.   :'( 

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Strong smells make me nauseous. I also feel sick when I get hungry. I have extreme food aversions. I can't eat anything unless it was what I felt like eating in that exact moment. Matt has to wait until 5pm to go grocery shopping for dinner each night because what sounds amazing at noon may sound like the most disgusting thing on earth at 6pm. Sometimes this even happens while Matt's making the food that sounded good...

Gender: ??? 

Symptoms:  Food aversions, heightened sense of smell and the former because of the latter. 

Looking Forward to: Our next ultrasound/appointment which is on January 29th. 

(Just found this picture on Google, pretty big huh?)


  1. You're so cute! Baby is a fourth of the way baked!! So exciting!

  2. THIS IS SOOOOO EXCITING!!! Congratulations dear! You look great! I can't wait to be in your shoes one day. :)