Thursday, January 24, 2013

11 Weeks

How Far Along? 11 weeks

How Big is Baby? Our sweet baby is now the size of a lime. 

Total Weight Gain: 9.5 lbs 

Maternity Clothes? Just when I wear "real" pants. I'm usually in dance pants everyday anyways but if we go out or on the weekend, I wear my maternity jeans. 

Stretch Marks? Just 2 on my hip. Matt said he has really noticed my hips getting bigger lately...great. 

Sleep: On and off. One night I'll sleep the whole night and the next I could be up all night. The past few nights I've slept terribly thanks to my awful cold/flu thing I've got going on. 

Best Moment this Week: Having 2 full days off from dance to relax on Sunday & Monday. Unfortunately Monday ended up a sick day.

Miss Anything: Still missing tuna...a lot. 

Movement: Not yet, I can't wait for that!

Food Cravings: Tuna and sweets. I've done a good job of replacing candy with fruit this week. I need to keep up on that. I've been also loving bagels with cream cheese. 

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Still strong smells. It's hard when the dishes aren't done quick enough. I've gotten better with the smell of meat cooking though which is good! Thankfully to my cold I can't really smell anything the past 2 days. I guess thats a bonus?

Gender: 8/9 more weeks until we find out.

Symptoms:  Food aversions, still to nothing specific, just super picky about what I want and when I need it. Ex. I asked Matt to run and get me a smoothie from Jamba Juice while he was at dance with me tonight. He waited about 45 minutes to go get it and by that time I decided I didn't want that at all...

Looking Forward to: Our appointment on Tuesday!! And also competition season to be over for dance. Is that bad to wish? SO stressful and with being pregnant on top of it. Eek.
Note* Week 10 and now into 11 has been really hard. This was now the 2nd horrible cold I've had while being pregnant. This one resulting in a low grade fever on and off. I've been sick now for 4 days and it doesn't seem like it will be going anywhere anytime soon. Saturday I will be teaching from 10am-7:30pm..oh yeah, that was smart to plan. Being sick and not being able to take anything is tough. It's harder to sleep. With my hormones on top of being frustrated at my running and raw nose...this is not fun. Poor Matt. Really, he's pretty awesome for dealing with me as well as he does right now. He's going to be the most incredible Dad with the amount of patience he has. I love him so much for that.

Note** I'm pretty glad that I have almost made it through my entire 1st Trimester without actually getting "sick". I've ran to the toilet a few times, but for nothing. That's pretty lucky! My main changes I feel lately are my hormones and body changing. My boobs are growing and seem to be doubling everyday lol, can't complain about that. My tummy is growing, so fun! I have no real pain anywhere and have been more tolerant of food than I have been in a long time. I really have been lucky this pregnancy. The only thing I really notice is being winded a lot quicker while dancing/teaching (like within in the first few minutes lol) and I have less patience because everything is just a bit harder than usual while at work. That's all really.

I already cannot wait for this baby to be born though! I feel like the lady from "What To Expect When You're Expecting". You know, the awesome one who tried and tried to get pregnant and then had such a hard time with being pregnant but got her "glow" when she held her baby. I can't wait to hold our baby!!! 


  1. The first and third trimesters are the slowest! Our little guy can come any day now (I make sure to tell him that every day now!) and I feel like the days just drag on forever!! :)

    I've been congested this whole pregnancy-it makes it hard to sleep...unless I just snore..which my husband swears I do now. hahaha

    Pregnancy is great-but I'm ready for the end result and hold my baby so I totally understand! :)

    1. Oh no, I hope I don't have this congestion the whole's sooooo annoying! Eek.

      : )

  2. love you!!! i love that you blogging the details. your blog is bookmarked on my computer haha

  3. love you!!! i love that you blogging the details. your blog is bookmarked on my computer haha