Saturday, January 19, 2013


Is all I want. Actually I could eat 12 of them. 
It is 10:30pm and I just lay in bed crying sobbing for a good 10 minutes because I just want a tuna sandwich. Matt was doing his best to not laugh as I kept saying through my tears, "Is it so much to ask for a tuna sandwich?...Tuna & Mayonnaise with cheese on a sandwich with salt and pepper, Tuna & Cucumbers on a little plate, Tuna straight out of the can and then in a bowl with mayonnaise."

This is a serious problem.
I haven't cried or been weird about anything yet. 
I thought I was an awesome pregnant woman who just doesn't get weird and hormonal.

Matt just solved the problem by making me some yummy dino nuggets which are the only things that sound appealing right now. I didn't eat dinner tonight because everything sounded like it would make me sick...everything except tuna.

I can't have any until next week because I had two California Rolls last night. 
I ruined it.
I was dumb. I know all I look forward to is my tuna sandwiches from Subway every Saturday after dance. Today after dance when I went to Subway, I had to smell it but couldn't have any. Instead...just a Veggie Delight for this mama. 

I'm going to ask my midwife how bad it would really be to sometimes have it more than once/week. 
It's seriously making me so sad.
Yes, I know that is absolutely ridiculous, but to me right now, it seems reasonable. Okay, maybe not reasonable, but I just really really want tuna...
It sounds so so good, while everything else sounds absolutely disgusting.
How come the one thing I'm craving is one of the things I'm not supposed to eat. Not fair. I told Matt that after this baby is born he should bring me 50 tuna sandwiches...then he told me I probably have to keep it limited while breastfeeding too. Then I just cried more and sobbed, "then just give them formula!!!" Eep. This is so silly. And so so sad. 

(**Note: I would never stop breastfeeding for a selfish reason such as tuna.) 

(Again, I am writing this because one day I will be able to laugh hysterically with Matt about the night I lay in bed sobbing over tuna. For now, it is really upsetting to me...)


  1. It looks like you can eat one can every 4 days, according to this, so that's almost 2 cans a week :)

    1. Oh my goodness, Bridgett! You're my new best friend lol. Yay, this means when I really want some that I can give in to m craving more!