Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Recap: Our Year of Adventures!

2012 was amazing. I could not have asked for a better year. I am so excited that it is 2013 and for all the new adventures we'll experience this year!

January 2012
We experienced Snowmaggedon. We were snowed in our apartment for 3 days. We could't go anywhere. It was fun and I made tons of hair bows! Cogsy loved the snow, he still does :)

February 2012
We went to Vancouver, B.C for a weekend. I loved it so much and can't wait until we make another trip just like it. Hmmm, maybe we should plan that for this Feb?!

March 2012
We started watching Miss Avery a few days a week. We're all done watching her now and we sure are going to miss seeing her all the time. She's such a little cutie patootie! I'm so glad we have Chris and Katie in our lives and we will forever be Avery's Auntie Chelsea & Frunkle Matty (Friend/Uncle...Matt made it up lol). I'm so glad we got to love on her so much in her first year :) She's ONE now...that went way too fast! Her birthday party is coming up and I'm so excited to spoil her some more :)

April 2012
We went on a getaway to our favorite little coastal town, Seabrook WA for my 24th birthday. We brought Cogsy along and he was in puppy heaven. He loves it there just as much as we do. I still tell Matt that someday I want to own a cottage there. :) We're going back again for my birthday this year!

May 2012
We went on an awesome hike with Matt's parents and family friend, Whitney. We hiked up to the top of Rattlesnake Mt. and the views were beautiful! We felt super healthy and accomplished.

June 2012
June was a busy busy month for work. Wait...this summer was insane for work. We opened our dance studio and had 11 summer dance camps. Talk about being worked to the bone. Yikes. Never again ; )

July 2012
We celebrated Matt's 26th birthday and lucky him...we took my dance team kids to Wild Waves for a day of fun! (Matt actually did have a ton of fun) ; )
I also hosted Mel's Bridal Shower and it was super fun. A wine tasting day. It was a lot of research and prep but I loved every second of hosting that for her. I'd do it again tomorrow if I could :)

August 2012
Highlight of August was just finishing all of my summer camps. I have never worked that hard in my whole life. We were thrilled when Matt's parents invited us for swimming and dinner while they stayed at Suncadia for a weekend. We had such a fun night and it was the last night of my camps! Perfect end to that crazy crazy summer! : )

September 2012
We celebrated our First Anniversary while celebrating Mel & Clint's wedding day! Very special September 2nd :). The next day we headed out on our 7-night Alaskan Disney Cruise...best vacation ever! Then 10 days later headed to Whistler for a week with Matt's family. Another incredible vacation. We conquered many fears together ziplining and going on the Peak to Peak gondola!

October 2012
We hosted our 2nd Annual Fall Feast Family Fun Day and I worked my butt off again prepping my girls for their November Disneyland performances!

November 2012
We took ourselves and my team kids to Disneyland!! I miss it already :)

December 2012
We had a fabulous and memorable Christmas with both sides of our family.
I don't need to write about it because I'll never forget it :).....

Now I am so ready for 2013. My brother posted to coolest quote on Facebook today and I love it so much that I'm going to post it here..

"Today is Chapter 2013, Page 1 of 365"
I'm going to make each day count.

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