Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lilly's First Trip to Wisconsin: Part 2

Lilly's First Wisconsin Visit Continued...

Meeting my Godfather, Uncle Dave :)

So bummed these are blurry. My parent's house has weird lighting :)

Carly and I with our girls! So amazing :) Lilly's "cousins"!

Meeting her Uncle Coco!

Hard to believe that this will be Lilly in just 3 more months. Myla is everywhere :) 

"A little help here..."

Yay for a well fed baby! ;)

Crying lol but Cody still liked holding her :) Such a good uncle.

More cuddles from Auntie Jenna. She had to soak them up because next time she sees Lilly will be when she's home from her clinical in Florida...not until this summer :(

Chillin' with her shaggy, fried-chicken-eating Uncle LOL

Morning stories with Nama in the rocking chair :) Perfect!

I love that my child will never know color. This picture makes me so happy!

So many cuddles and kisses from Auntie Cirrah :) 

All ready to meet everyone!! Thank you Auntie Carly for the jeggings!! LOVE them :)

LB meeting her Gigi!

Gigi is the best because she bought LB her first REAL moccasins from Wisconsin Dells where she lives. (I may be just a tiny bit jealous lol)


Still more pictures to be continued...

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