Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lilly's First Trip to Wisconsin: Part 3

And this is the last of our WI 2013 pictures :)

Lilly Belle and my Uncle Ricky :)

Meeting Auntie Debbie :)

Our 4 generations picture :) 

LB & Kaylin. Hehe, happy baby!

Auntie Torri :)

The Woda's & LB

Uncle King & Auntie Nancy came to meet LB too! :)

Lol, I love this. Lilly with her Poppa & uncles :) She looks thrilled.

Dear Lilly Belle, let me just tell you something...your Uncle Coco loves you SO so much! 

Aw, sweet kisses from Uncle Curt :)

Just missing Matt and we would have finally been complete, all my mom & dad's kids! 
Cirrah, Cylie, Myla, Carly, Caleb, Me, Lilly, Kalena & Cody

Love this one!

One of my favorite pictures of all time. This is her new smile and it is just the cutest thing!

We got lots more video with Auntie Cylie than we did photos. She changed her diaper and everything!

We had such a great time and are hoping to go back as soon as we can!

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