Friday, January 9, 2015

Five on Friday!

It was our first week back in the real world after both having basically the entire month of December off. We adjusted quickly and I'm loving this new schedule!

Here are my favorite things from this week.

1. Disney Side @Home Celebrations

Show Your Disney Side

I was chosen among thousands of applicants to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration! This means that Disney Parks and BSM Media will be sending me a complete party kit as well as a hostess gift. Last year, the hostess gift was a brand new carry-on luggage that had all the contents for the party inside. I'm so excited to see what our kit includes for Lilly Belle's Princess Party! 

I've started a Pinterest board here that you can check out!

2. Lilly Belle started dance class this week! 
She loved it and hasn't stopped telling anyone who will listen that she "go to dance class!" She says it perfectly clear and it's the cutest thing I've ever heard.
She only cried a few times during class if she saw me and her teacher is so sweet and would just pick her up or comfort her and then she would be fine. 

3. Church!
We started going to Timberlake Church again and I look forward to Sunday all week long. We love all the pastors there and the messages are great. It is almost like Matt and I get a date because Lilly Belle goes to sunday school. We drop her off and then go get some treats and coffee before heading in. I'm really happy we started going again and I hope we can continue this habit of going every week. I also started to write my prayers down in my journal. It feels so refreshing knowing it's out of my control and that is okay. It has been a big weight off just reminding myself that things are not up to me but up to God instead.

Love this.

4. Sweet Moments.

With the new schedule we have right now, I only teach 7 classes/week but it only comes to be 1-2 hours/day. It gives me time for myself (well...myself with a bunch of toddlers/preschoolers) but also gives me an incredible amount of time with Lilly Belle. I'm loving this.

Silly girl has been loving to climb on everything!

Helping mommy...

5. Zumba!

I went to Zumba last night and I remembered how much I loved going. I haven't gone since before I was pregnant with Lilly Belle. It was fun to dance like an adult to adult music. I miss hip hop so much and although Zumba isn't fully hip hop, I definitely get to get a little of that part of me out. It was fun and now that we have our gym memberships again, I plan on going more often. 

It was a good week.

Today Lilly Belle and I are working on more organizing. My 2015 resolution is to be more organized and so far so good. 
Today's agenda: take donations out, clean our car, pick up an organizer for her toys in the car, return some things to Home Goods, and go grocery shopping. Hoping we can fit some time in there to go to the mall so I can get some jeans and Lilly Belle can play!

Happy Friday!

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