Friday, January 16, 2015

Five on Friday

It was another busy and fun week in the Lanese household. 
Here are 5 of my favorites from the week!

#1. MOPS

Lilly Belle and I attended our first MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting on Tuesday at our church and I am in love. I am in love with the mommy time, in love with the table I was put at and the incredible mamas I met and in love with the message. I also was really happy when I picked Lilly Belle up and she was crazy happy playing with all the other kids her age. Apparently, she is now friends with Lauren & Kate. ;) 

I bought this yesterday because, well, duh. Being Lilly Belle's mommy and teaching my sweet little ballerinas are both the best jobs ever. I'm a lucky mama. 


Matt and I took our weekend to organize. More. It is my new years resolution to be more organized and so far, so good. We are only about 2 weeks in and already our home is so much more organized. We have moved tons of not needed items to our storage unit. We are so clutter-free and it feels marvelous. We are not done, but we are off to a great start! Every weekend we take another car full of items over to storage. During the week I set everything out on our patio as I go through it to either sell on our communities FB consignment page or to put in storage. It really feels like home and finally like we can breathe. 

I ordered this book from Amazon a few days ago and it arrived yesterday. This is already my motto in life. I never say it, but I definitely follow it. I always have. Lately though, I've realized that I've let a little fear sneak into my life. This book is amazing and I've only just started. I'm so excited to see where this book with take me!
I follow Lara Casey on Instagram and am always so inspired.
Instagram: @laracasey

5. My (Prayer) Journal
I have started to not only write in my journal about my thoughts, hopes, dreams, and worries but have  also started to write prayers. When I feel down or feel like things are spinning out of my control (something I struggle with) I just go grab my journal (if Lilly Belle is sleeping or Matt is home) I close the door, get cozy and write away. I write out all my worries or whatever is bothering me as a note to God or as a prayer instead. It feels so amazing to know that it is always out of my control anyway so me worrying about it is not going to change the path or what happens because God already wrote my story. All I can do is learn to enjoy and embrace what he throws my way. 

My journal is from HomeGoods so I'm sure you can't find it, but here is a similar one.

So there it is, five exciting new finds and adventures from our week! Happy Friday!

PS #6 ... Matt brought me flowers. For no reason. He just got them for me and told me he loved me. I'm a pretty lucky girl. 

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  1. Found your blog from Five on Friday! Love love that shirt too! Love the prayer journal idea! How neat to be able to go back through and look at how God has answered prayers/worked in your life! I am a worrier to and I think I may be starting this idea asap!
    Justi Buck