Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lilly Belle | 17 Months

For the first time since Lilly Belle has been born, I don't feel like, "What? She's ___ months old already?!?!" This month, it definitely feels like we have a 17 month old and it feels like that's exactly how it's supposed to be. I don't feel like time is going crazy fast. It feels just right.

So, here it goes... the most incredible month of our lives. 

Lilly Belle | 17 Months

We started this sweet month with Nutcracker Story time at our local library. There were at least 50 kids in this room. Look where my child is standing...

The night before we left for our vacation, my hip hop kids had their recital and Matt had an exam so Lilly Belle had to come with me. She loved it. 

And then it was off to Walt Disney World for 7-nights...
Our sweet little princess ruled the kingdom. 

She went on her very first safari...

and she met some very special princesses...

Then we were off for our 7-night Disney Caribbean Cruise where this little sailor sported her first little pigtail buns and climbed lots and lots of stairs! 

She visited St. Thomas for the first time

Where her toes got their first dip in the ocean! (Notice her toes are pointed...I'm just sayin')

She got to visit San Juan, Puerto Rico...

She got to play with Nemo...

Had an early morning dance party with Goofy...

She enjoyed her first ice cream cone and so much more... (will do separate post)

We may have and the most epic vacation of all time, but some of my favorite memories from this month were the ones we made right here at home...

We got to meet Baby Zoe, Chris and Katie's sweet new baby girl. Lilly Belle now likes to lift up my shirt saying "Baby" (also due to Auntie Megan having a baby in her tummy), but girlfriend is on a baby kick right now. She loved Zoe and we do too!
We also brought sugar cookies over for her and Avery to decorate together. Lilly Belle mostly ate the frosting and sprinkles ;)

Since we have been home from Disney, Lilly Belle continuously asks for certain characters or flat out she will ask, "Go to Disney?" Yes...Lilly Belle, we hear you. Promise ;) 

On Christmas Eve we went to meet Santa and tell him what we wanted for Christmas...or that we did not want to be near him ;)

Lilly Belle woke up on Christmas morning to find her brand new playroom!

Opening gifts was serious business.

After we opened gifts, we went to Nana and Papa's house where daddy built Lilly Belle's new Minnie Mouse Toddler Quad from Mommy & Daddy. She was pretty pumped. 

She had a dance party with her cousins who she totally fell in love with during the cruise. 

She got some cuddles with her Auntie Mel and Uncle Chris, daddy's big sister and brother. 

And she learned that you can do anything with a little bubble wrap! 

She was reunited with her dear buddy, Owen. These two had a blast together and we hope to get to see them much more this year!

We had lots of dance parties and learned that this girl can make anything into a stage. 
Her shirt says it all.

She had tons of playtime with her new toys from Grandma & Grandpa!

 And snuggled a lot with her "Dog Dog." 

She read lots of books, as usual. 

And we did lots of sleeping. I mean...coloring. 

We discovered that Lilly Belle hates bubble baths. They terrify her. She won't sit down.  

She started to figure out that certain things go together. An example being that when I tell her we are going to see her cousins, she immediately starts asking for "Maggie!" (Auntie Megan)

Or...that when wearing a dog dog costume, you are just like Cogsy...

And we brought in the new year. 2015! 
Don't let the photo deceive you. This girl was quite the party animal. She has definitely discovered the power of her lungs and is not afraid to be heard. You go, girlfriend. Never stop being afraid of that...just know your timing. We can work on that one together ;) 

And I'm going to speak for her and say that cousin Quenton is her new best friend. 
Just a guess...

Oh, these two...makes me so happy! Such good friends and so cool that they always can be.

I think the pictures mostly did the talking this month.

Lilly Belle is talking a ton. She can speak in 3-4 word sentences and is eating basically everything we eat. I don't cut up much food for her anymore at all. She is only nursing in the morning (most days) and every night before bed. No more nursing before nap time. 

She was kind of forced to grow up a bit this past month being on that vacation. She had to learn to adapt and she totally did. She was such a good girl.

Ever since we have been home, we have seen such a spark in her. She has such a beautiful fire. 
She is an amazing little girl. She brings us so much joy. 
We miss her when she's sleeping and get so excited when she wakes up and we can hang out with her. 

This is by far our favorite age with her. 

Lilly Belle, always be you. You are quite amazing... and we love you!
Oh and ps, please never stop giving us these sweet kisses you now give. 
Can I go wake you up now to just squeeze you? No? 
Happy 17 months, our sweet Lilly Belle! 

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