Thursday, February 27, 2014

Good Day.

Tomorrow is Friday already.
We made it.
There were some tough moments and our new lifestyle is not easy, but 100% necessary and temporary. 

I missed Lilly, especially at bedtime and I missed Matt so much. It has been 2 years of being home together everyday pretty much all day. That was hard too but in a different way. We will adjust to this. Lilly will adjust to this. It is weird not seeing Matt until I'm home from teaching around 7pm. I don't even see him in the morning because he leave so early. And then on Tues/Thurs he's at school until 10pm. It's just weird to not have him around. I'm not a fan. 

I was off today (taught tonight) and am off tomorrow during the day and will bring Lilly with me to class in the evening then Saturday/Sunday 100% off :) 

Lilly and I had such a great day together!
Girlfriend woke up super early (I think she heard Matt leaving) and we were up for our day at 6:50am. Usually we don't wake up until 8am. We played together and then she went down again and I ate breakfast and worked a bit. When she woke up again, we went and hung out with Cogsy at the studio and got him all ready to go stay at Haley & Liam's. Then we went to the bank and headed to Gilman Village. We walked around the shops for a good half hour before heading to music class :)

Hehe, I love this. Right after she woke up from nap. I sat her on the bed and she just plopped over and stayed like this looking all cozy & smiling at me. Then the second I got my phone out...I got this lol!

Lilly was so freakin' cute in there today! She was "singing" and smiling at everyone almost the whole time. It was so much fun!   

After music class, we went and scooped up Cogsy to bring him by Haley & Liam's. Then we were off to Seattle. We hung out by Haliam's for about 2 hours before going to the city to pick daddy up from work so he could see Lilly today. It was so much fun to have Lilly there and hanging out with the kids. She hasn't been to their house yet and it is such a special place to me. I always feel like I'm going home when I go there. It's always like I never left. I loved snuggling up with Lilly on their couch to nurse her :) And it was so much fun to see her eating her snack with Maclin & Suzy Lou! 

Best Friends like Haley & I :)

For anyone reading this that doesn't know: I nannied for their family for almost 2 years when we first moved here. And now that was almost 5 years ago.

After we got Matt and he left for school I had to go to teach and Nana & Papa had Lilly for the rest of the night. :)

It was a great day!! I soaked up every second of the little things with my sweet girl. So many smiles today! I so needed today. I'm so excited to do it all over and have another full day with her tomorrow...and I get to do bedtime tomorrow! Yay!!

This was on Tuesday, we text this picture to Daddy :) He loved it.

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