Monday, April 7, 2014

Lilly Belle: Eight Months

Our sweet girl is 8 Months Old!

"Hmm, Mommy, is this Rapunzel on my shirt?"

"Mommy, you have taken enough pictures."

"Oh fine, let me just pose for you."

"Okay, Mommy, go ahead, take my picture!"

8 Months Old

Weight: 17.5 lbs (with clothes and her moccs on)

Health: Lilly has cut her first tooth! And, along with that came her stuffy nose & a cough. This is the first time she's been sick and it's just so sad. She's such a trooper though. She's happy most of the time and only gets really fussy when she's tired. 

Sleep: Whats that? Lilly's still waking up at least 3x a night to nurse. Being roommates with her is definitely becoming extremely difficult. My lack of sleep is starting to take a real toll on me. I'm tired, forgetful and lack in patience. But...hopefully our living situation will change very soon and then we can have our own rooms and sleep!!!!! :) *sigh* 

Social: I think we are starting to grow out of her extreme stranger anxiety phase. For a bit, she wouldn't even go to Matt. Now she definitely will. She loves to smile at the cashiers at stores and random people passing by. She still loves to "sing" and her voice can be loud. Matt and I agreed we don't want to tell her she is loud anymore because that leads to complexes later on so we have been working on saying, "Lilly, inside voices" when she does get a bit loud. (Can you tell I hate being labeled?) Girlfriend is funny! She loves to be silly with Matt and her Papa L. She loves being with her little friends at music class. I was also so proud of her this month when I had to take her with me to all my dance classes for a good week. She would just sit on her blanket in the room playing with her toys while I taught. Only a few times did I have to wear her in the Ergo while I was dancing/teaching. She rocked it out!

Schedule: We are getting there. She consistently takes a nap every morning after she's been up for 1-1.5 hours. She will usually sleep for at least and hour during that nap, sometimes 2 hours. Then after that she will stay up for 2-3 hours. If her morning nap was short (hour or less) she will sleep 2 hours at this nap. Then sometimes, depending on the day she will take a third nap. Although, the past few days, that third nap has turned into more of a "rest" I don't think she really falls asleep, she's only in there about 30 minutes, but it helps to get her through until 6pm when we start her bedtime routine. We always start bedtime at 6pm. Always. 

Diet:  Lilly nurses with me all through the night, when she wakes up, every 2-3 hours throughout the day and then she nurses to sleep at night. She has not had any formula in a while (love that!) She eats solids 2x/day as purees. We started to introduce some finger foods a few days ago and she's not a fan of them yet.

Clothes: Mostly size 6 months, 6-9, 9 months and 6-12 month clothes. She does not fit in her 6 month pants anymore and has grown out of a few of her 9 month pants. We are starting to bring out the baby legs more often while we transition to spring and shorts :) I love dressing her! She has the cutest little clothes.

Baby Gear Love: We still swaddle Lilly with her Aden & Anais blankets when she goes to bed but Matt and I decided last night that we don't need to anymore. By the middle of the night, she's always out of it anyway and seems fine without it. We love the Ergo. Lilly loves to be in it. She sometimes cries when it is time to get out (I love that). She still likes her Baby Einstein bouncer/jumper but definitely doesn't sit in it as long now. She would much rather be sitting banging her toys together. She loves her toys. It's hard to say which are her favorites because she really does play with most of them equally. We are about to switch her to a "big girl" carseat, too. She's getting too heavy to carry her around in the carseat, I usually take her out and leave it in the car now anyway. Something we use daily is her shopping cart cover. I use it when we go to Target, grocery shopping & I use it when we push her in the swings. 

Crying: Lilly cries when it's nap time (about half the time). She also cries when she is over-tired. She likes to stay on her schedule (who wouldn't). 

Likes:  Lilly is starting to love peek-a-boo. She used to be scared of it, but she is definitely coming out of her shell and she loves this game now. She loves music! And...drumroll...girlfriend LOVES Mickey Mouse. I know, I know...she shouldn't be watching tv yet, but Matt & I just can't help ourselves and love to show her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for 10-15 min once or twice/week. Whenever Mickey talks she starts getting all excited waving her arms up and down and screeching "talking" to the tv. It's the cutest thing ever. 

Dislikes:  She definitely does not like finger foods yet. She also doesn't like when I leave, she has a hard time with that. I am now at least able to walk across the room without her crying. I'm glad she grew out of that quickly. :)

Milestones:  Where to begin?! This past month...this past week really, our sweet Lillian has changed so much! She cut her first tooth and we can now see it poking through when she cries or laughs. It is her bottom front right. As of yesterday, little missy is a great clapper! We say "yay!" and she gets so excited and claps. She also claps out of the blue. Matt & I were cracking up as we were reading her stories last night and she was sucking on fingers and clapping her other hand up to her mouth, lol. She can't stop now that she knows how; it's hilarious and so adorable! We started introducing finger foods (not that she's thrilled about them) I'm definitely way more excited about it than she is. She is trying to crawl. She's gotten much stronger on her tummy suddenly. She can turn herself around in a full circle while on her tummy & can scoot herself backwards. That really frustrates her because she only gets further away from her toys. One of Lilly's new favorite things to do is to take all of her toys out of her little toy basket in her room one by one. It's so funny. She will reach in, grab them, look at them or chew on them for a few seconds and then lunge for the next one. She also now makes a lot more noises: "mamama" "nanana" "dadada" "bababa" and "papapa" 

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  1. She is getting so big. It is hard to believe how fast they grow!! She is very cute.