Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lilly Belle's First Easter

Miss Lillian, you had quite a fun first Easter. We spent the morning with Daddy and we were very excited to show you that the Easter Bunny came to visit you and brought you your first basket of gifts! Mommy also spent the morning car ride to Olympia teaching you as much about Jesus and Easter as she could...

{Easter Basket Goodies: "Each Peach Pear Plum" book, Bubble Wand, Minnie Mouse Easter Bunny, Banana Puffs, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Soundtrack & Songs and Story Little Mermaid CD}

It took you about 3 seconds before you had everything out of your basket and you were already deciding what you wanted to chew on first (you're getting your 2nd tooth).

"Hmmm...these guys look familiar. My parents tell me I like this show..."

Daddy let you chew on your basket for a whole of 1 second before freaking out about it being paint. (smart Daddy)

Look at you lifting off your bottom. You're so close to crawling...any day now.

You are seriously the cutest Easter Bunny I've ever seen, Lillian Belle! 

You think your Daddy is hilarious. You were laughing and laughing while he played Peek-A-Boo with you. 

You have such a great personality!

I love you guys so so so so much!

We got to the beach house around noon and you and Nana both had your bunny ears on :) ...Minnie too.

You're starting to feel a lot more comfortable letting other people other than Mommy hold you. :)

You love bubbles so I was excited to show you your new bubble wand although, I think I may have enjoyed it today more than you because you were a bit frustrated that you couldn't move to catch them. Pretty soon, Peanut. You're so close! 

Your cousins love you so much. Quenton is always at your side making sure you're happy :) He likes to help you with your toys and show you new things. I have a feeling the two of you will be great buddies. 

I feel like you look like me a little in this picture. You have my eyes...other than that, you're all Daddy. And as Daddy says, you look like you - of course ;)

You were quite the chatter box during dinner tonight. You got pretty loud too making sure we all knew you were sitting with us ;) 

Happy 1st Easter my sweet girl. Jesus loves you and Daddy & I love you. I cannot wait for next Easter when you'll get to help us dye eggs, go on a Easter Egg Hunt & understand your basket a bit more. We need to make it to church next year, too!! You make our lives so much fun, Lilly Belle. We love you! 

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