Sunday, April 20, 2014

My 26th Birthday {Weekend} : Part 2

Lilly Belle loved the aquarium! It was worth the money just to see how curious & interested she was with everything. She is such an observant baby to begin with, so it was so neat to see her take it all in.

Then she started to get super tired. She was up from 10:45am until ....hhmmm?? 4? 5pm? 

We took a family walk around the Issaquah Highlands. I loved having our whole family together. I cannot wait until we can all 4 be together again all the time. I miss Cogsy so much. I was in heaven having my family together. 

On Saturday (April 19) my actual birthday, I had to work and taught 4 classes from 9am-1pm. It was POURING so my plan of going to the Tulip Festival was for sure a no-go. I told Matt while I was at work that I wanted to go to the mall - he laughed and I didn't know why - come to find out, he and Lilly already spent the whole morning at the mall getting me birthday presents :) They surprised me. We went back anyways :)

I got my first "mommy" birthday card, signed by Lilly Belle :) With all the L's backwards. My husband rocks. 

Matt got me the Toms I've been wanting for 3 years :) 

Mommy Toms & Baby Toms (makes me so happy!!)

We went to the mall and & got a Little Mermaid shirt at the Disney Store and then the whole store sang to me - so cool! Then had lunch/dinner at Red Robin - yummmmm!

Lilly was once again so good at the restaurant. She just chilled in her high chair talking to us :)

And then it was time to head home. At this point, Lilly was wiped out! 

I had an amazing 26th birthday thanks to my amazing family. 

I love you, Matt. Thank you for making me feel so special. It meant more to me than you know.
And I love you too, Lilly Belle. I had so much fun with you this weekend. You made mommy's birthday extra amazing! 

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