Thursday, May 15, 2014

Girlfriend Loves Music Class!

Lilly Belle has shown us more and more each and every day that there is one thing she loves for sure...


She loves to "sing" and now does a little wiggle dance whenever she likes a song. Girlfriend even wiggles to slow songs :) Every week now for the past 5 months, since she was 4 months old, I have taken her to Kindermusik. We get in the car and I tell her where we are going and she gets so excited wiggling all around waving her arms up and down in her carseat. 

 This week we started a new 5-week series at music class called "Peek-a-Boo, I love you!" So far it's pretty cute. Lilly Belle started a new day and time slot this week as well. Partly because of scheduling and partly so we could be with our friends :) 

Sierra & Lilly Belle were happy to be in music class together! Us mommies were together in our birthing class and now our sweet girls get to be friends :)

Lilly Belle also made a sweet new friend today, Reed. She was fascinated with him. She was probably excited to see another baby who has awesome spiky hair ;) 

This may be my new favorite picture of her - ever. I can't stop looking at it! 
(again..fascinated with her new buddy, hehe stinker!)

"Hehe mommy, he's pretty cute!"

Each session we get a new toy and book. This session we got these awesome balls. The babies were loving them! Daddy is going to be excited when he finds it too! The sweet little book they got this time is going to be a favorite. We have already read it 3x today and LB just soaked it UP. It's all about different members of the family hiding and then the next page, they pop out saying, "Peek a Boo!" She loved it. 

Also the first day we had a full pony tail! 

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